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5 Reasons to Hate Christmas**

**If you’re my sister…
Now of course, I’m not talking actually, genuinely hate Christmas. However, I can imagine that living with me might make it rather hard to love Christmas all the time. Especially  when I start singing Hark the Herald Angels Sing mid-August :p

1. It never ends

I will not apologize for this one. Christmas is the best thing ever, and one should never be allowed to forget about that.

However, I can imagine that that might not be the most easy thing to handle when you like summer quite a bit more than you do the chilly days of the holidays.

2. There is such a thing as too much cheer

I mean, at least so I’ve been told.

No, but seriously – you know how people get the winterblues? And then they are all happy as soon as the sun and the heat get back? Well, I’m basically the exact opposite. I get down in summer, and I feel way better as soon as the colder temperatures come back around. Sure, I get the same colds that everybody else does, but, I mean, I just feel better – like, mentally.

Anyways, that being said, imagine being all down about the cold mid-December, and then this annoying chick comes and is all chipper about it being so cold? Yes, well, I’m that annoying chick. So, you know…

3. You start to dislike the songs

If nothing else, just because you hear the same 3 songs every single day. Now, I tend to do this with any song I love, but even I can admit that with Christmas music, I may or may not get a bit out of hand. As in: even the bf, who knew hardly any of the more niche Christmas songs I sometimes favour, knew several of them by hart. Two days into the Christmas season. Oops?

4. The gift competition

Now, I feel like at least one of my sisters gets into this quite heavily as well, and it’s definitely not my goal when I start buying gifts so early, but it definitely could feel this way.

So, basically, I start preparing for Christmas quite early. As in: ca. June. And yes, that is also when I start buying gifts. Because, you see, here’s the thing: I love giving gifts. And as such, I take quite some pride in getting exactly the right gift. That tends to mean that I also try to get multiple gifts – basically, the equivalent of one big gift and several stocking stuffers. Only it sometimes tends to be several big gifts ànd several stocking stuffers. Again: I love giving gifts.

5. You just don’t want to go along with it

I think sometimes – just sometimes – this one might be the case as well. Sure, maybe you still love Christmas. And sometimes you might even want to express that as well. But on the principle of sisterly rivalry, you just can’t. Because if I like it that much, then that means that you can’t. Because of reasons.

In which case I would like to just tell you right now: don’t – come and join the Christmas cheer!