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Poppy Christmas song favourites

As much as I love the old school Christmas songs, there’s something to be said about the other end of the spectrum as well. If I want to get out of my bed feeling extra peppy? These poppy Christmas song favourites are definitely my go-to!

Christmas Lights

Honestly, Chris Martin’s voice might be made for Christmas songs – that in and of itself might’ve been enough. Add to that the fact that I just plain old really love this song as well? You’ve got yourself a favourite just like that!

Snow in California

Don’t worry, I’m more than aware this song is originally by Ariana Grande. However, this is one of those rare cases where the cover – in my opinion, at least – is actually better than the original. If nothing else, than just because Amy’s voice? Maybe one of my favourite voices ever…


A large majority of the people reading this post won’t understand a single word of the lyrics of this song. Well, if I’m to believe my readership stats at least. However, hearing some non-English songs is good for you. Or, if nothing else, the instant-happy-effect of this one should work regardless of its language 🙂

Grown-Up Christmas List

Does Barbra Streisand technically count as poppy? I’m not sure, but I got to know this song via the Kelly Clarkson and Pentatonix-version, and I feel as if that should be enough of a reason to include it in this list, right?

Making this list, though, I definitely realised I have way more old school Christmas songs that I listen to, then their poppy variants – so, do you have any recommendations? If so, please let me know below! And of course, you can always just go have a listen to my Newmas-list – just poppy Christmas songs, over 4 hours of them 🙂


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