#TBT: Favourite Disney Movies

There are few things better than some good old nostalgia. But as far as Disney goes? There’s been certain holes in my education. For example, a majority of the “classic” Disney movies? Never saw them.  However, there’s some golden gems that even I have seen, loved, and now count as my favourite Disney movies!

Cool Runnings

This movie gives so many good messages. From forgiveness, to always keep going, …

And of course, then there’s probably my favourite quote from any movie that I still quote, to this day, entirely too much:

The Lion King

I don’t really know why I have a thing for sad movies, but there we have it nonetheless: I have a thing for sad movies. This one being a prime example. Of course, as soon as I realised that this movie was actually based on Shakespeare as well? Of course I needed to love it even more than I already did!

The Parent Trap

This is the movie that introduced me to Lindsey Lohan. Oh, and also the movie that made me wonder, for years, whenever I went to a camp, whether I too would run into a forgotten twin sister. Which was madness, honestly, because I had two perfectly fine sisters back home!


Weirdly, this is the only Disney-animation film that I actually remember watching as a kid. All the other ones, I watched either not at all, through gifs, or as an adult. Mulan, though? Mulan kicked some serious girl power into me!

(Additionally, Tangled could be on here, but that one’s more of a “current favourite” than it is nostalgic, so we’re going with Mulan!)

Anyways, what are the ultimate Disney movies that make you feel all nice and nostalgics? Be sure to let me know below!