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Weekly Lists #72: 5 Belgian songs you should know and love

So a couple of weeks ago I did a post on some of the best Belgian ’80s bands you should know and love. Of course, as soon as I published that one, I realised there was more. More bands, more songs, more music of Belgian origin that I love – and that the rest of the world should probably get to fall in love with as well. So after that post’s sneak peak, here’s a good start on that one, with these 5 Belgian songs you should also probably know and love!

1. Sadness, Stash

The lyrics of this one are just gorgeous, but I mainly love this song because of the melancholy that speaks from it. I mean, whenever I need some sad-re-affirmation (does anybody else get that, like, you’re randomly sad and you just sort of need to live that sadness?) . Anyways, whenever that feeling hits me? This is definitely one of the songs I go to then 🙂

2. Envoi, Absynthe Minded

Fun fact: this one was actually based on a poem. And everybody (give or take a few :p ) in Belgium can sing along to it! Well, at least, I think. Anyways, this was a huge summer hit right before my last year (or the year before that) of high school, and so I just really love it for that association of freedom, and carelessness, and…

Ah, to be young and free – says the 23 year old :p

3. Mad About You, Hooverphonic

This one counts as one of the most difficult songs ever created by two of the most demanding producers in Belgium. So there’s that. Anyways, Hooverphonic has gone through a couple of singers, but this one – Geike Arnaerts – was the first to really be associated with the group. And the song has definitely stuck!

4. Lena, 2 belgen

I mean, first of all, this band is literally called “2 Belgians”, so you just know right from the get-go that this is going to be good, right? Also, this song, to me at least, feels like it actually did get quite a bit of international coverage, but I’m not exactly sure. I guess you all will just have to let me know whether or not you’d ever heard (of) it before!

5. I see the lies in your eyes

Just to prove to you all how divers Belgian music really is, let’s finish with this one. This is one of those songs where you just always hear it on the background of whatever, so you never really realise that you actually do know it until you suddenly are looking it up for a post like this and then you’re just like oh yes, of course!

Anyways, there you have it, that’s 5 Belgian songs you should know and love. Well, according to me, at least, that is. Did you know any of these? Do you know of any other Belgian songs / artists that you feel should be more widely known? Be sure to let me know below!