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Weekly Lists #173: Favourite Content March

It’s officially spring time! And, reading back this post, that appears to have left me with a bit of a theme for today’s Weekly List. That theme being: spring cleaning – in all areas of my life. Whether that be online, health-wise, financially… My favourite content March has offered me? It’s making me get my act together!

1. Financial planning

There’s a “the thing” I’ve referred to a couple of times now, and it’s made it clear that I need to make sure I have my finances worked out. And why not start with a beginner’s guide, right?

2. Budgeting spreadsheet

How to create a kick-ass budgeting spreadsheet to help you save money

In close (very close) correlation with the previous one: more finance-stuff. After all, the number one way to get your finances in order? That would probably have to be making sure you’re budgeting enough and in the right way. Oh, and of course: that you’re setting the right priorities. And then sticking to all of the above.

3. Online spring clean

This is one of those things I feel we could probably all do with, a bit, from time to time. After all – how easy is it to just subscribe to a new blog? Or to ignore the (too large) amounts of mail that are cluttering your inbox? Or even just to not realise how bad some of the people you’re following online are making you feel? So, yes… An online spring cleaning? Definitely in order for me!

4. Get out of a mental rut

Get Out of a Mental Rut | Advice I Received from YOU

Here’s a bit of a funny juxtaposition for you: I’m participating in #40DaysofBlogging as we speak. That means I’ve been uploading a post or something of the sorts almost daily since the first day of Lent. And I’m loving everything I’m putting out – but I have not been promoting my posts. At all. I just don’t have the energy for it. I don’t have the energy for a lot of things right now, and it’s 100% to do with being in a mental rut. Well – let’s give it like 95%. There’s definitely something else, probably. There always is. Either way – I needed this post. And I also need to remember this post.

5. In praise of being bored

In praise of being bored.

This one is actually pretty closely linked to the previous one. Why, you might ask? Well, because I’m working less hours this term (the biggest (dis)advantage about being a college teacher: your hours can vary a lot between terms) I’m bored a lot. And I don’t know how to deal with that. Honestly – my head is not the best place to be in when it doesn’t have anything to focus on. So instead, I’m just going to try to focus on this post. Because why not, right?

What content have you been loving this past month? Anything you think I might enjoy reading? Be sure to let me know below!