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Weekly Lists #137: 2018 Travelling Goals

So I haven’t really been reading lately. I don’t know why, really. Well, apart from the heat, exams and just general summer-fatigue, really. It just doesn’t really make me want to grab a book, you know? It does, however, make me dream of going on a holiday. And while I much prefer travelling in fall, and I know I’ve already written about the places I want to visit in general? Here, I want to focus on the travelling I want to do this year. This summer, for starters, but let’s be real. Knowing me? That’s probably not enough time to satisfy all of my 2018 travelling goals!

1. England

Look, England is always going to be on any travelling goals-list I make. Seriously. I still have a National Trust-membership card that’s valid until the end of August. And the only thing that can mean is that I have to go to England. Right? Right?

(Also, I really) want to get to back to Hay-on-Why. But sshhh, I don’t think the bf’s recovered from last time yet)

2. Brussels

I mean, I’ve been living here (basically) for 2 years. And I’m ashamed to say? I don’t know the city as well as I would like to. So the plan for this summer is to make a (non-exhaustive because hello, have you seen Brussels?) list of all parcs, churches, abbeys and (wanna be)-castles in the Brussels area. The goal? To visit as many of them as possible. Or at least one per week :p

3. Germany

Now, first I was going to put Scandinavia in this spot. But then I realised that, well… That’s just not going to happen. Germany, however? Germany’s right next to Belgium! I can basically get there in 1-2 hours. I can totally get some visits to Germany in this summer! Right? Right? Guys?

4. Home

The parents, that is. This is my first summer of not living at home. It’s a really weird idea that I’m not going to be spending the entire summer kind of naggy about the fact that I’m supposed to do dishes rather than read every day all day. Then again, that’s basically going to be the situation away from my parental home.

All the more reason to visit home a lot, right? Because they’ll obviously treat me as a guest and serve my every wish? (Yeah right)

Seriously, though, it’s gonna be weird that I don’t see them as much as I’m used to. So going home on the regular has to be on the list!

5. Weddings


It has happened.

I have officially reached that age where my friends start getting married. I have three different weddings this week. One for my friends, one for my family, one for the bf’s friends.

All the dresses, picture-opportunities, and people in their absolute best outfits. Is my “excitement” obvious?

Again, seriously though – I’m so happy for the people getting married, and I can’t wait to see them take their vows with their significant others… But yeah, one of the weddings is actually out of country. So travelling will be involved! (and also, a chance to get to see the bf in a suit – who could say no to that, right :p)

And there you have it, those are the travelling plants I’ve been dreaming about. Rather than correcting portfolios. Or reading. Or, you know, actually doing something useful. Where are you going to be travelling this summer? Or are you enjoying more of a chill summer at home? Be sure to let me know below!