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Weekly Lists #56: 5 Places to Travel in Fall

So, we can all agree that fall is basically the best season to travel, right? The scenery is so amazing, what with the colors changing and the fog giving everything an almost majestic feeling? I probably have said this a couple of times before, but fall is definitely my favorite season. While travelling during summer is just entirely too hot for me, there are just so many places to travel in fall. Somehow, the slight dreariness of endless rain and fog just makes them more pretty to me!

So of course – I had to write a post about that. What did you expect?

1. Saarland

This one was always going to be on the number one in this list, and not just because it partially carries my name. I think we went here at least 3 times during autumn break, and the scenery never ceased to amaze me. There is so much gorgeous nature and culture nearby, it really does allow for any type of holiday!

Saarburg at night
Source: saarburg.eu

We used to always stay in this gorgeous vacation village (site not available in English) which was situated right on top of a mountain that overlooked some of the most beautiful forests I have ever seen. And of course, what could be better than those beautiful woodwork houses in the misty autumn sunrise?

2. Scotland

Now, I’ve been to Scotland only once before (well, one time we made sure to have a small stop there just so we could say we’d been to Scotland, but I guess that doesn’t really count) and it was right on the brink of fall. You could already see the beginning of the fall colours coming through, and it was wonderful. So then, when you see a pic such as this:

Source: Trips to Discover
Source: Trips to Discover

Well, of course it makes me want to go back. Like yesterday! Seriously though, can we just take a moment to appreciate just how utterly, breath takingly beautiful that is? I so want to go there!

3. Bruges

Of course there had to be some home-country-pride in here! I’m sure I’ve mentioned this at least once before, but Belgium has some of the most beautiful fall scenery I’ve ever seen – even when compared to movies and pics! Take, for example, Bruges:

Source: Trips to Discover
Source: Trips to Discover

First of all, there’s a reason it’s called “the Venice of the North” and second of all: where this city is beautiful at any given moment – fall just makes it drop dead gorgeous!

(Also: they have so many chocolate stores there, that alone basically makes it worth it!)

4. New York

Of course, New York is one of those typical places where you’re supposed to want to go at any given season, but Friends and similar series and movies have definitely made me want to visit it during fall. First of all, I can only imagine how beautiful Central Park might be when it’s all windy and rainy, and second of all… Well, basically, I wanna be there from the end of October until the day before Christmas, so that I get all the Holiday atmosphere as well… Also – this pic:

Source: Time Out
Source: Time Out

Need I say more?

5. Sweden

I know I’ve already mentioned at least a couple of times that I love Sweden – so of course it was going to be on this list! The more I write posts like this, the more I become convinced that I would love to live in Sweden – be it temporarily, be it slightly less temporarily. There’s just something about that country, about that language, about all that I know of it…

Source: Sweden Tips
Source: Sweden Tips

I mean, can you blame me for wanting to go there?

So, there you have it: 5 of my favourite places to travel in fall. Now, of course I’ve only actually been to 3 of them, but I guess I’ll just have to add the other two to a future fall bucket list 🙂

What are some of the places you most like to go to? Or that you would love to go to during autumn? Be sure to let me know below!