Travel Diaries: England & Scotland 2015 (4) – Robin Hood & Oxford

And to England as well, but oh well, it’s the Scotland bit I was most excited about 🙂 On our fifth day, we drove down from Bradford to Sherwood Forest where we went to the Visitor’s Centre (Robin Hood! Major Oak!) and finished our day in Oxford (another YHA Youth Hostel and amazing buildings! All the colleges!)

I’m absolutely not sure whether anybody cares about what we did while on this holiday, but as at least one friend asked, this seemed like an easy way to get it all down at once – one day at a time.

Day 6: 15/09/2016: Bradford – Sherwood Forest – Oxford

Without any breakfast, on the morning of the sixth day, we got an early start again, and drove straight to Sherwood Forest. I’d been there once before, during winter, when I was approximately 11, but at the time it was too late to go see the Major Oak, so we really wanted to go there and see that. Again, we’d had a lot of rain on previous days, so the whole place was pretty muddy, but at the same time – it was just gorgeous… We walked to the visitors’ centre, which really, it would be just perfect to go visit with younger kids as well, but it was also really interesting for us. We then walked towards the Major Oak, where we basically just sat for a bit, and enjoyed the view – it’s quite impressive, how nature can survive so long, despite all that humanity puts it through…

The Major Oak in Sherwood Forrest!

Just after noon, we went back to the car, had lunch, and started driving again, this time towards Oxford. Yet again, I was the only one who’d already been there, but as we got there just as all the colleges were closing, we checked into our Youth Hostel quickly (we found this one without any help!) we just parked our car right outside the centre and took the bus towards Christ Church. Christ Church is the college where the Great Hall and the Hall in Harry Potter were filmed, but it looks just as stunning from the outside.

Oxford University

As we walked on, we came across many other colleges, and it was swiftly determined that we just had to go back there one day, so we could visit all of them decently. Once night started to fall, we went back to our Youth Hostel where we had dinner and then moved to the lounge. Originally we just went there because there was only internet on the ground floor, but the atmosphere was so pleasant, that we ended up spending the entire evening there, just reading, having a drink, and enjoying the people-watching – so much so, that we actually went to bed at a ‘normal hour’ (for us, that is) for the first time the entire journey…