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Weekly Lists #210: Unpopular Food Opinions

This is a really random post, and one I’ve been working on for a while. That’s to say – I’ve randomly been listing these on my phone, and because I needed a quick post for this week’s weekly list? Well, I figured I might as well share this unpopular opinions food edition with you!

1. Ice cream

The only right way to eat icecream: one scoop of chocolate icecream, one scoop of lemon sorbet, and mix them together until you only have one flavour left. I will not accept any arguments.

2. Lemon

Everything is better when you add lemon. Well just about – but still. Everything. Ice cream? Cake? Fruit salad? Fish? Dressing? Snack? Lemonade? Everything is better with some lemon added in.

3. Cooking > eating


Sure, eating is necessary for life and bla bla bla. But cooking? Being able to experiment with random ingredients, seeing what you have in your cupboard and figuring out how to make that into a proper meal?

Infinitely better.

4. Meat

Approximately 92% of all the meat in this world? Kinda gross, and horrible texture. The bf would probably like to shake me for daring to say this (don’t worry, it’s just a figure of speech, he would never) because he loves his meat, but honestly? Meat is hugely overrated. There. I said it.

5. Day 2 > day 1

Show me a properly cooked main dish, and I’ll show you something that would be better the next day. This goes for oven dishes and anything pasta, wok, or spicy food in particular – but honestly? There’s hardly any food that isn’t improved by being reheated the next day. (Especially spaghetti, though. It works miracles for pasta)

As far as random weekly lists go, this one probably scores quite high, but none the less, those are some of my (presumably) unpopular food opinions – any of your own to share? If so, be sure to let me know below!


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