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Weekly Lists #211: Favourite January Content

For all that people have been complaining January lasted 3 eternities, I actually find my surprised it’s already over… Nonetheless, the end of the month is here, and you know what that means! It’s time to see what my favourite January content was!

1. Learning to Code

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I really like learning new things. Because of that, I’m always quite interested to see exactly how other people manage to keep studying, even after graduating.

Maud is one of the people who definitely seems to share that sentiment, and I really enjoy whatever posts she writes about continuously learning new things. And this post certainly was no exception!

2. Year in Review

Okay, so quite a couple of people have done posts like this, but I always enjoy Kayla’s blogs, so I figured it was only right to mention her here. If you want some book-, music-, travel-, or really anything-inspiration? Definitely give this one a read!

3. The Not-Yet-List

Have you ever heard of a “Not-Yet-List”? I certainly hadn’t, until Rhianna mentioned it on her blog. I have to say though: I’m quite taken by the idea, now! (As I was by her post on manifestation, earlier this month!)

4. How to Feel Elegant

I may be many things, but elegant I am not.

Clumsy, no filter and a giant book worm? Yes. Unfortunately, all of those things seem to kind of inhibit my possibilities for elegance. Which is why I was quite intrigued by this post on how to, if not be, then at least feel elegant!

5. Books to read if you want to travel to England

I’d say it’s probably fairly clear from some of my travel diaries that I really enjoy travelling. The UK in particular has a special place in my heart – I mean, there’s a reason I go there approximately once a year minimum. One of the things I really enjoy about this country, is the sheer amount of literary stops you can make. So to get an entire list with no less than 65 extra pieces of inspiration for possible locations? Well, of course I had to include that post in my favourite January content!

So, there you have it, just some of my favourite blogposts from this past month. What has your favourite January content been? Any posts in particular you think I should read? Be sure to leave those links below!


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