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Monthly Updates #11: April Watchable

You know what? This past week has been a good one – I’d been really struggling to get anything done, school wise, since the end of February – and this week I wrote a whole chapter of my master’s dissertation, managed to get 2 books read for school ànd to even get some sleep in there, somehow.

Unfortunately, that also means I haven’t had quite as much time to actually watch stuff – but what I have been watching, you’re about to “find out” 🙂
1. Doctor Who

Yes! I’ve finally managed to continue watching this awesome show!

Me and the bf basically binge-watched the first 4 or 5 seasons, and then, for no real reason whatsoever, really, we suddenly stopped.
The past couple of weeks, we’ve slowly been making our way through the 6th and 7th season, and I know it’s almost the end of Matt Smith’s tenure as The Doctor and I am not ready!
(also: noooooooooooooooooo, Amy and Rory 😮)
(and also also: hearing the introductory theme just makes me happy, now 🙂 )

2. All the family vloggers

I don’t really know why I’ve been loving these so much these past couple of months (although, actually, it’s closer to, like, almost a year) but I seriously have been loving these so much!
I actually have an entire post coming up about some of my favourite family-tubers (so be sure to keep an eye out for that one this Wednesday!) but let me tell you: it’s so much fun watching all these families interact 🙂

3. Zoella

Of course I’d already heard of Zoella way before this week – she’s basically the penultimate youtuber out there! However, around Easter she posted this video of her making some delicious Easter treats, and I’ve just been watching all her videos since!

4. Epic Reads

I don’t really know how I didn’t discover this youtube channel earlier (becuase I’ve been following their twitter since forever), but they have these amazing bookish videos, and I’ve been loving watching them.
I especially love their “book trailers”, because, so often, I just wish there was, like, some sort of indication as for what the book is actually going to be like before buying / reading it, and those trailers give just the right amount of indication as for that!
5. Pinterest / Live hacks / DIY – tested


This video is actually the video that made me discover this genre of videos – basically, there’s so many hacks and Pinterest-ideas, and DIY-ideas out there, and so often I’m just sitting there like “well, this all sounds really fun, but would it actually work?”
And these basically just let you know exactly that!
Especially the past two weeks, I’ve been looking up all the video’s on this that I could find, and it’s ended up in me now following lisbug, Jazzybum, and like five other youtubers, just because they often do these kinds of videos and I love them – seriously, you really should go check them out!
And there you have it, what I’ve been watching this past month! Anything sound familiar to you? And if you watch(ed) Doctor Who: how did you handle the transition to Peter Capaldi? (’cause I have to admit: kinda scared!)

Be sure to let me know below!