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Weekly Lists #175: Classics I Wish Had Modern Adaptations

One of my favourite things lately has been retellings of classics. You know the type, where Pride and Prejudice takes place in an American college, or Persuasion is suddenly between the daughter of a CEO and the man brought in to safe the company… However, too many books don’t have their modern adaptations yet. Or at least, I haven’t heard of them yet. And in either case – well, that’s just a shame, isn’t it?

1. Jane Eyre

Sure, the woman in the attic? Probably wouldn’t work anymore… Or would it? But either way, I just feel as if the circumstances in this story allow for a perfect retelling, for example with a friend dramatically entering the engagement party or something like that? Who knows, the possibilities are endless!

2. Little Women

Some of my favourite stories these days, are the ones that show the relationships between strong women. And Little Women has a plethora of those. Could you just imagine the four sisters, with alternating chapters focussing on all of them? Maybe even some with the perspective of Marmee? Maybe with the sisters not being rich enough to continue/go to university? Or to afford Amy’s drawing classes? With Meg still being sickly, but having an entire world at her hands, thanks to the wonders of modern technology? With Jo trying out her writing prowess on Watpadd or writing fanfiction? Oh, if only this actually existed…

3. 3 Men in a Boat

Sure, this entire book reads as something of a satire. But I do feel as if the general atmosphere of this book might translate well to the modern day and age – especially the modern day political situation. I could just about – almost – imagine the conversations about Brexit or Trump…

4. Ivanhoe

This is probably the most difficult one to transform with modern adaptations and twists and turns. None the less, this is probably one of my favourite classics of all time in the “hero”-genre. And as such, even just out of principle, I would like to see it done. Done well, of course.

5. Bleak House

Many things have changed since Dickens wrote his work, but the complications of anything legal? They’ve only gotten worse, if I’m honest… So this book I could absolutely see – in some capacity – happen today. And I’m just so curious about how exactly all the characters and their peculiarities would be translated into the present day.

What classics do you wish had modern adaptations? Or are there any retellings out there for any of these, that I just don’t know about yet? Be sure to let me know below!