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Weekly Lists #57: Favourite Dramatic Films

As you may or may not have heard – it’s fall! With that come early nightfall and colder temperatures. And in general just: the perfect conditions to cuddle in front of your tv with a nice movie. In my case, that doesn’t actually happen all that often, but when it does? There’s usually dramatic films playing. What can I say – I love me some drama, especially when I know that all ends well!

So, here are 5 of my favourite dramatic films  – some I’ve already mentioned before, some I’ve just recently discovered, but either way: I love them!

1. What Dreams May Come

So yes, I know I already mentioned this one in my Favourite Robin Williams-movies. But you know what? I absolutely love it so much, that I just needed it to be on here as well!

Not only does it feature my favourite actor ever – the story is amazing, the acting is great and the cinematography absolutely breathtaking. Also, if I need a good cry? This one does the trick every. single. time. No one portrays devastation like this cast!

Short story: Robin Williams’ children die, and it leaves him and his wife devastated. Just as they have gotten their relationship back together, Robin Williams himself dies – leaving him in heaven, reconnecting with several people who’d already passed on, and just about breaking his wife. The movie follows Robin Williams as he tries to “reconnect” with his wife – on just a whole another level.

Basically: prepare to cry!

2. The Lake House

So this one is definitely on the “good ending” list, but the reason I originally fell in love with it was definitely the time travelling-element. What can I say? I enjoy a good sci-fi at any time!

So Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves both live in a lake house. They send letters to each other. And then, suddenly, they realise that the lake house they are living in is, in fact, the same house – just in different years. And those letters they’ve been sending to each other? Those travelled through time. (What a talented mailbox, right?)

Now, of course they fall in love, and everything goes wrong, and there’s realisation upon realisation – but you know what? You’ll just have to go watch the movie to see all of that!

3. Never Let Me Go

Although I knew there was a book of this story, I actually did first see the movie. It was breaking just about every principle I have, but it was also so worth it.

Again, it features a slight sci fi-element in that it takes place in a dystopian world, so I was basically bound to love this one as is. The performances by Andrew Garfield, Kiera Knightley and – of course – Carey Mulligan, bring the book’s story to live in such a quiet yet amazing way that I could not take away my eyes from the screen.

If that wasn’t enough of a recommendation for you – this might just be the only time where I actually liked the movie as much as I loved the book!

4. The Breakfast Club

So, yes, sure, it might be that this one isn’t a drama as such.

But you know what? It’s definitely dramatic – it’s a cult classic – and I love it!

5. Speak

Okay, so I might have lied when I said that Never Let Me Go was the only instance ever of me liking a movie adaptation as much as I loved the book.

Because you know what? As much as I loved the book, the movie is amazing. No further explanation needed, right? Apart from maybe the tiny fact that this is, in fact, the movie that made me love Kirsten Stewart – so there 🙂

So, there you have it, 5 of my all-time favourite dramatic films? What did you think about these? Do you have any other movies I should definitely watch? Be sure to let me know below!

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