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Weekly Lists #95: 5 Favorite Blogposts July

So this month I’ve found myself randomly wandering around bloglovin. A lot of these posts are things I found there, but there’s one good old classic in there as well ? Hey, what’s not to love about discovering new blogs you like? So without further ado: here’s my favorite blogposts July edition!

1. On finding the time to read long books

When You Just Can’t Commit | Finding the Energy and Time to Devote to Longer Books

Because, let’s be real: I definitely do the same thing. The whole going for contemporary novels? Because quite frankly: I’ve been busy a lot lately. School, internships, blogging… And after doing all that all day… Who really wants to get too invested in a book that takes you that many hours to get through? Even if you do really like those stories!

2. How to survive summer

So, yeah. This isn’t quite a blogpost. But. I mean. You know. It’s too warm! Too summery! I need this season to be over already! So obviously I needed to read this ?

3. Goodreads improvements

10 Improvements That Would Make Goodreads 500 x Better (Or So Say I)

Honestly, I read the title and went “huh“? And then I read this post and I was just going “OMG YES”. I mean, apart from one or two near the end maybe :p

But yes, Goodreads. Get your act together – do this!

4. When blogging becomes overwhelming

Because, well, quite frankly… It can get overwhelming, you know? And then, sometimes, you need to read a post like this to be able to cope with that!

5. Post-graduation

Everyone has a different path. Graduating: 2 years on

As some of you probably know, I’m currently in that graduation-stage of life. Fun times. Anyways, it’s had me in enough of a panic that I started an entire series about it. And also in enough of a “need all the information”-mood that I started reading blogposts about it. Hint: a disappointing number of bloggers write about it. But Rhianna did! Luckily!

And there you have it, that’s 5 of my favourite posts from this month! What blogs have you been reading? Be sure to let me know below if you have any posts you think I might enjoy!