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Weekly Lists #84: Favorite Bookstagram Accounts

I feel like a “finally” might be in its place here. You see, for someone who follows approximately 85% bookstagrammers, I haven’t really talked about my favorite bookstagram accounts yet. That’s about to change, though, with this list of 5 of my absolute favorites!

1. Stellette_reads

So every morning, one of the first things I do is check out this bookstagram. Honestly. She posts these amazing pics, that have something fairylike about them. That might definitely be due to the figures that feature so many of her shots, but also because of the colours and just general fun-ness of those pics. Does any of that make any sense whatsoever? 🙂

2. Oasisgirlmd

Een foto die door oasisgirlmd is geplaatst op

This is just one of those accounts where I kinda have a little smile every time I see one of the pics appear on my feed. There are also some of the most amazing themed pics with just these amazing props and, ugh, I wish I could do what appears on this account constantly!

Een foto die door oasisgirlmd is geplaatst op

3. Lottelikesbooks

Lotte posts quite some pics that are a bit “calmer” than many other bookstagram accounts, which I quite appreciate. There’s quite a bit of variation in the themes and colour schemes and I’ve found quite a few new books to read from her pictures and that’s always a good thing in my books (geddit? heh. Hehehe.) so, you know… 🙂

4. Lisa_lostinlit

Getting lost in literature is definitely something that happens to me on a regular basis. Especially when I’m looking at this girl’s pics. Seriously, though, how amazing are these pics?

5. Alittlebookworld

This account tends to focus on just the one book at a time, plays so beautifully with colours and light, and, as I’ve found, tends to have amazing taste in book. So, you know. There’s that 🙂

So, there you have it, that’s 5 of my favourite bookstagram accounts! Now, let’s be real – these are by no means the only accounts I follow and / or love. If you want to see which other accounts I’m loving, you can always go ahead and check out my Instagram account – not only do I post pics of books myself (no where near as amazing as those I’ve just mentioned here), but you can also go ahead and see which other accounts I’m following! If you know of any other bookstagram accounts you think I might enjoy, be sure to let me know below so I can check them out!