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Weekly (Wish)Lists #22: Favourite Planners

Every week I post a list of 5 random things – this week: some of the planners I wish I had!

Let me start off by sharing a secret – although, how much of an actual secret it is, depends on whether or not you’ve know me for longer than, oh, say, an hour?
Anyways: I Love Planners.
(and yes, the capitals were necessary 🙂 )

Unfortunately, I’m still living in the constant state of “I’m sure I still had more money for food than that?” which has resulted in me being quite unable to actually the type of planners I want – resulting in me actually making my own planner this year.

You see, I’m actually rather specific about the kind of stuff I want in there, and so far I’ve never come across a planner which actually has all of it.
But guess what? Just about all of the following planners do – hence, my wanting them…
So let’s get started!

This post is not sponsored in any way or form. It does, however, contain affiliate links.

About that: maybe a small disclaimer first- I am, in fact, in no way associated to any of these brands or creators, nor do I receive any form of compensation from them for mentioning them here (I wish!) – I just really love all of them and have heard nothing but positive things about them.

Another note: all pictures are taken directly from the site of these planners – and the site is always linked in the title – so I’d certainly advise you to go take a further look (torture myself, I call it) at all the planning-beauty!

1. PlumPaperDesigns2015&2016 Planner


Why do I love this one so much?
First of all, it’s gorgeous. This cover is just one of many options, you can personalise it with your name, there’s different patterns, and so on and so forth.

Second, the options once you actually put together the planner – you can choose what type weekly spread option you prefer, what type of monthly spreads, ànd there’s a whole bunch of extras at the end of the planner which lend themselves excellently to just about every possible use I could imagine for it, really.

Lastly, and certainly not unimportant: it’s only about €30 (or $31 USD!) (that this price is, for me, right now, still kind-of-just-a-little too high probably won’t be the case for many others, hence it great feedback!)

2. Erin Condren‘s Good to Go Lifeplanner in Rose Gold


Let’s me just begin by stating: I love rose gold. Absolutely. Love. It. What’s more, the way it’s used in this planner? stunning – and trust me when I say: that’s not even an over-reaction!
Although this one is fairly similar to the PlumPaperDesign one (choosing what type of weekly layout you want, etc), it is somewhat more expensive (at the moment I’m writing this, it’s $75 USD).
But, you know what? It’s just so pretty! Also, all weekly layouts are slightly different, already have matching tabs, and so on and you know what? I really really want it!

3. The Home Executive‘s Day Planner


Now this planner, I actually came across on a post on Overstuffed about finding the planner for you – and while she specifically liked this planner because it is rather family-organising-oriented (hence the name, obviously), and I don’t really have anything of a need for that element, I do really appreciate the amount of options you have in this planner as for how you want to use it.
(Let’s face it, I just want the lists to do with food and recipes and meal-planning – I love food and recipes and … well, you get the idea)

Basically, this one seems to be available only from Amazon these days (the one for the academic year 2016-2017 doesn’t come out for a while, but I’m already saving up, hoping no other things come up) and I would definitely advice you to go check this one out, because the inside is gorgeous, offers a lot of variation, and is just really pretty amazing – and did I mention that it’s so pretty?

4. Day-Timer‘s Pink Ribbon Planner

You know, I’m not sure whether this is just me, but sometimes I like to go through Amazon, just adding things to my wish list – knowing that I’ll probably never get them anyways, but hey, dreaming never hurt anybody – and this is one of the planners I came across that way – now this one is actually a bit expensive (with the “basic filling” it’s $90 USD) and pretty simple, but what I love most about it is that this site actually also has a ton of refills, accessories and so on – and their pages are actually kind of cute as well, a bit decorated already, as you no doubt can see on the pic 🙂
This actually leads me pretty seamlessly to the last planner I really, seriously, so much wish I had:

5. Filofax

Of course it would be… I feel like this probably is (or has been :p ) on every planner-lover ever‘s wish list at some point – now, for once: no pic, because a) I feel like most people would probably know what a Filofax looks like and b) I don’t want to limit myself like that ‘cuz I kinda want them all
Well, not too much “kinda” about it, really – I just mainly want all of them combined into one.

There’s so many bloggers and vloggers out there making brilliant posts on how to use your Filofax (I especially love this one), offering original refills and accessories and just anything – it’s almost beyond belief.
That this one is probably in the top-spot of planners I wish I had, is just because it’s so adaptable – as I said at the beginning of this post: I want to do so many different things with my planner that I kind of need it to be able to adjust to anything (so, in case anybody feels like buying me one: format A5, Capacity High thankyouverymuch)

And, well, if there’s anything that Filofax offered (apart from a price that’s probably going to make me refrain from actually just going out and getting one, that is) it’s exactly that adaptability…
*insert wishful expression right about here*

Anyways, there you have it! A top 5 of planners I really wish I could (did) own! Mind how I said a and not the there, because (knowing myself) it’s quite possible that by tomorrow there’s going to be 2 new ones in there – like, did you know that they make literary-inspired planners now? I might just have to make another post about that!

Be sure to let me know whether you know of any other planners I might like to pine for – or a place where I can get something Filofax-like for way cheap – or what planner you use and why I should totally try that one!