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Valentine’s Day: Punny Gift Ideas

It’s almost upon us, people – Valentine’s Day!

Now, I don’t know about you, but I am (principally) very much against the idea of Valentine’s Day (why show your love only on that day; commercialism; invented for the economy, and so on and so forth…) – but, of course, that doesn’t stop me from very much joining in the madness!

And because my bf has been so kind as to promise not to read my blog until Monday (or at least until after I’ve actually given him all of this) I can actually, hopefully, give you guys some inspiration as far as ideas (and puns, of course) are concerned!

(Why puns? Because we love puns – they’re some of the best things ever)

So let’s get started!

First things first – I tend to give gifts “in theme”. Basically, I give a bunch of smaller gifts together, making one bigger one – and I got the idea for these ones from Overstuffed, who created the printable for the first gift:

1. We were Mint to be together

You can basically combine this with any type of mints – I just really like these ones 🙂

You can find the original printable here

I loved the idea, so I basically just walked into a store, looked around and tried to find some other types of candy (or anything, really, but I ended up mainly going for the candy, because, well… candy 🙂 ), that would allow some sort of punny take…
So here are the 3 other candy-pun-combo’s I made:

2. I’m sweet on you 

You can really use any type of sweets for this!


3. I’ve got my Eye on you

These candies are usually used for decorating cupcakes and such, but hey, if it works… (I’m buying it! 🙂 )

4. You light up my day

YBcause highlighters (hahaha, me so funny, I know :p )

And finally, I figured I needed something a little extra, so I’m baking my bf some apple-cupcakes (because more food, obviously) and I’m adding in this final thingy:

5. Have yourself a very punny Valentine!

How many puns can you get on one page? Apparently at least this many – and, yes, those are all puns… and all love-ish! Terrible cliche? No doubt… But I like it none the less (and I hope so will he!)

So, what are you planning on giving to your SO, friends or a family member? Do you have any favorite puns, be they Valentine- or love-related or just any puns? (I could always use some more inspiration!) Be sure to let me know below!