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Weekly Lists #76: Favorite Travelling Instagram Accounts

So a while back, I did a post on some of my favorite Instagram accounts. And then I realised I basically had way too many “favorite Instagram accounts” to ever keep it to just one list. You see, I have categories for Instagram – and far as travel-grams go? These are some of my favorites!

1. Jacobsantiago

I mean, I don’t know about you, but I basically see this and just sort of go “that’ll be a ticket to New York please”. And that’s before looking at some of this guy’s other pics, such as there are:

I mean, it’s New York in the fall – nobody should be surprised, you know that right?

2. Paris in Four Months

I mean, Paris is probably one of my favourite cities ever anyways, and this pic really does it justice!

If you want to see more than just the “famous views” of Paris, this is definitely an Instagram I would advise you to follow!

3. Muradosmann

So you know that guy who is lead everywhere by his girlfriend? Yes? Well, this is that guy!

And, you know, apart from the fact that he basically started a trend? His photography is amazing!


4. Nick_ulivieri

I mean, give me a foggy winter’s day anytime, you know? Add in some amazing scenery, and this guy was basically an instant-follow for me!


5. Jojerry

For all that I’m not actually that big a fan of anything overly warm, this travel-gram’s pics make me want to go back to Greece and Italy!

Een foto die door jojerry is geplaatst op

Maybe not in summer, necessarily, but you know – go back there someday 🙂


Een foto die door jojerry is geplaatst op


So there you have it, that’s 5 of my favourite travelgrams! Do you have any other accounts that fuel your travelling dreams? If so, be sure to let me know below!