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Weekly Lists #213: K-Drama’s I want to see

As anyone who knows me will be able to testify: I get these “periods“. You know how Picasso had a blue period, and so on? I’ve had periods related to the type of books I read, the type of music I listen to, the type of shows I watch… And right now – it appears I have a bit of a Korean period going on. So, in order to really transcend all genres and aspects of my life: here’s 5 K-Drama’s I really want to see!

1. Pinochhio

As a boy, Ki Ha-myung’s life is ruined by the cruelty of a reporter. Through the twists and turns of fate, he ends up being raised along with the daughter of that same reporter. She has Pinochhio-syndrome, which means that any time she tries to lie, she gets the hiccups. They both end up as reporters, and everything beyond that just sounds too complicated to explain.

There’s new identities, enemies-to-lovers (possibly?), revenge, and a good deal of insight into the world of journalism. All in all, it sounds pretty darn amazing!

2. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

A woman who’s been working as the secretary for the Vice Chairman of a big company. As she’s finally helped the people in her life who needed that money, she hands in her resignation. Her boss, who claims he is practically perfect, doesn’t understand why she would want to quit and tries to convince her otherwise.

The sheer amount of self-absorbance this boss seems to show, makes me want to watch this series. Add in the likeliness for a good slow burn romance and mister vice president hopefully making a bit of a fool of himself? Sounds great, right?

3. My love from another star

He’s an alien who’s been stuck on earth for actual centuries. She’s a starting actress. He should be able to go back to his planet in just a couple of months. She moves in next door to his place. What could possibly go wrong?

4. Cinderella and the four Knights

She helps an older gentleman, and is invited to live in a mansion. That mansion also houses his 3 (handsome, rich) grandsons who have no concept of the “real world”. Imagine Cinderella, but Korean. And with a next-door-neighbour who has loved one of the grandsons forever.

If you want more Cinderella-related K-drama’s: Cinderella’s Sister sounds like a good one too!

5. Boys over flower

There’s 4 of them, all equally arrogant, rich, and privileged. When she saves the victim of their bullying, she gets a scholarship to go to their (fancy, private) school. A lot of high school drama and romance ensues.

Honestly, the entire world of K-Drama’s is such a wild ride – it goes from fairy tale adaptation and mistaken identities to hospital drama’s to Goblin’s come to life back to high school drama and historical drama’s… Will I ever have enough time to watch them all? Absolutely not. But hey, I can still try, right?


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