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Weekly Lists #214: Online Learning Tools

If you’re forever a student, it stands to reason that you will, forever, want to get new knowledge. I don’t know if it’s the Ravenclaw inside of me (I am that perfect ravenpuff mixture, after all), or what, but either way: the very idea of learning something new? Makes me exceedingly pleased. To the point that all of these online learning tools? I’ve put them through some vigorous training already 🙂

1. Online (open) university

Also known as: the source I first came into contact with. You see, back in 2016, I knew I still wanted to get a master’s degree in journalism, however, I also wanted to get my teaching degree. The solution I came up with? I did my journalism master “in real life”, and got almost my entire teaching degree via distance learning – also known as: online university.

Most every university offers at least some courses or even actual degrees via distance learning, now, and honestly? This is the kind of progress this world needs!

2. Coursera

Out of this list, Coursera is probably my favourite – if nothing else, then because a lot of universities actually offer some of their courses via this site as well, and I’m not about to be limited by the fact I happened to be born in Belgium, right? American certificates – here I come!

Also, while you do have to pay for some of these courses if you want that certificate? The payment usually only starts once the first week of your course has passed. You know, so you can be sure you actually like it. And because of that, I managed to get 5 different certificates in less than one month… For the price of less than one! Really, it’s just a matter of planning ahead and making sure you spend your time wisely!

3. Udemy

Udemy is basically the less formal brother of Coursera. Or at least, that has been my experience with it. Still a bunch of really useful courses, but with a mixture of official institutions and individuals who want to share their knowledge. And most of it? Completely free!

4. SkillShare

SkillShare is the only one of these tools I haven’t personally used yet. It’s also, the one that I’ve heard the most about. You’ve probably come across the adverts, or even the YouTubers collaborating with SkillShare as well. And I have to say – I am definitely planning on experimenting with the different types of classes offered via this site!

In general, I feel like, if Coursera is the most formal of these three options, SkillShare would probably be the most creatively-inclined of this and the two tools above. I mean, it’s tagline is “Explore your creativity with classes in illustration, photography, design, and more.” for Merlin’s sake!

5. CodeCadamy

Just like SkillShare, CodeCadamy is more on the specialised side of things. In this case, that pertains to – you’ll never guess it – learning to code. I actually came across this site thanks to Maud over at Passion Projects mentioning it. With the bf being a computer guy through and through, I figured it could only be useful if I actually got a bit more of an in-depth understanding of what he actually does for a living. And guess what? CodeCadamy actually managed to make that “road of discovery” quite fun!

What other online learning tools do you know of? How do you go about satisfying your inner Ravenclaw every day? And did that just sound kinda dirty in my mind, or is it a general thing? Either way – be sure to let me know below!


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