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Weekly Lists #52: 5 More Favourite TV-Series

What with autumn just around the corner, I feel like it’s time to get back to watching my tv-series.

And although I have a couple of series that I go back to time and time again (Friends, I’m looking at you) I figured  might as well make another list of some more of my favourite series!

1. Happy Endings

I only really got into this series because my sister was watching  it while I was studying for my retake.
This show features 6 adults who live in Chicago and are just sort of figuring out how to get through their late twenties and early thirties together – think How I Met Your Mother meets Friends (it does start with a runaway bride 🙂 ) meets… well, Chicago.
It’s humorous, it’s got just enough characters that you can always like and identify with one of them, and of course: it’s got that really great “hey, they’re struggling too!” feeling 🙂
The only thing that could have been better? There’s only 3 seasons – that’s not enough!

2. Gilmore Girls

Now, what with the reboot coming up this November, of course this one had to be in here. I’ve always loved this series – the high paced conversation, the witty one liners, the band between mother and daughter.

And of course: there’s so many episodes to watch – and four new ones to come!

3. Brooklyn Nine Nine

So here’s a thing not that many people actually know about me: I actually love police series – Navy NCIS, Cold Case, … Combined with the humor of this one, though? I’m all in!

Again: I wish there were more seasons, but oh well – you can’t have everything, right? And luckily the (at times almost slapstick-like) jokes are aplenty

4. One Tree Hill

If you want some drama, this is definitely the series for you – from nannies gone crazy, to brothers killing each other, to all the basketball you could ever dream of, and all the pairings you could ever imagine happening.

Like, seriously, I don’t think there’s any pairing that hasn’t happened on this show? It’s kind of weird at points, but it did make for 9 seasons of compelling entertainment – high time I watch it all again!

5. Sense and Sensibility

Of course, this is quite the change from the past 4 series I mentioned – but I’ve loved Jane Austen for as long as I can remember, this book by hers even more than any other but Persuasion, and this adaptation might just be the best I’ve ever seen.

I know that’s basically blasphemy when comparing it to the 1995 adaptation starring Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet, but there you have it – I love this one best 🙂

So, there you have it: 5 more of my favourite television series!
Be sure to let me know below what series you’ll be watching this fall, or any general recommendations you might have for me!