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#TBT: Favourite Glee songs

So I don’t think I’ve ever really done a #TBT on here. But I got stuck in another end of Youtube recently and I remembered that – once upon a time – I loved Glee.ย Loved Glee. Like, ful-blown Gleek over here. It’s been a while now, since Glee’s final season rounded up. So I figured I’d go back and commisserate about some of my favourite songs from the show. Now, this could be approximately 152 songs long. For all of our sakes, though, I limited myself to just the ones that got me the hardest. The memory-jerkers. And of course: theย real favourite Glee songs!

Now this will be quick and sweet: the songs, the why – and the enjoyment of listening to these old favourites again ๐Ÿ™‚

Don’t Dream It’s Over

Because Finn had to feature in this, right? And because I actually cried when I saw the rest of Glee club show up.

Cough Syrup

Like, I had so many problems with this whole story line but OMG was it brought well. And did Darren Chris do an amazing job at this song
And obviously – don’t watch this clip if you’re sensitive to a subject like suicide!


Because Britanna definitely had their moments. And while I really didn’t like the character Gwyneth Paltrow played? You’ve got to give her this much: she can sing.


I just really like the song. That’s all.

Smooth Criminal

I mean, surely anyone can appreciate Santana’s vocals? Right? And then with this song? And the CELLO’s?

Chasing pavements

I love Marley. And I’m sure I could find a gazillion different songs featuring her vocals, but I also really liked it when everybody was happy and Kurt and Rachel were back together and that was a good thing and…

Basically – I need to rewatch the entire thing. Especially the first and last season. Not the fifth one though. We’ll just pretend that one never happened. Just like half of the fourth season ๐Ÿ˜‰