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Weekly Lists #112: Favorite Books 2017

This is starting to be a bit of a tradition – and one I quite enjoy, actually. I don’t necessarily like looking back on any year – let’s be real, too many things you didn’t get done at the best of time. Looking back on books though? And my favorites, at that? I’ll sign up for such a thing! So here’s my favorite books 2017 edition! (And don’t worry, you’ll still get the Reading Challenges update this Friday!)

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Now, first things first: I read quite a lot of books that I enjoyed this year. But books I absolutely loved? Not so much. I gave myself the liberty of actually DNF-ing a couple of books I just knew I wouldn’t enjoy. And then there were some re-reads, which I’m not counting unless they’re like really good. Even so – no cigar this year. There were a couple of happy exceptions, though. And those? Well… They were really good!

Mouthful of Forevers, Clementine von Radics

It’s been a while since I read poetry and really enjoyed it. Probably from before I constantly had to read it for university. This book, though? It got me. Maybe a little too much. Seriously, I loved this. It’s just the right amount of meta, personal, angry, and everything.

The Story of Awkward , R.K. Ryals

I mean, how much will you expect from a free book, right? Well, this one kind of lifted my expectations. And probably ruined any other free book for me for all eternity.

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More Than This, Patrick Ness

I mean, Patrick Ness is kind of an institute, I feel like. And this was my first book by him. And while I probably built up my expectations too high, I did really appreciate it!

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84 Charing Cross Road; Helene Hanff

The only re-read on this list, and if I loved it on my first read? I loved it – possibly – even more on the re-read. This book is seriously a must-read for book-lovers, history-lovers, epistulary-book-lovers, and just… Well… In general!

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Secrets of a Happy Marriage, Cathy Kelly

It’s Cathy Kelly, it’s her latest book, it’s amazing. ‘nuf said.


This is not completely fair, because this is a list of books, rather than just one. But this was the first year where I got the chance to read this many actual Christmas books. And I kinda reviewed just about all of them?

And that’s my favourite books of 2017! What books have you been loving this year? Be sure to let me know below!