2018 Reading Updates: November Update

November is always a bit of a weird reading-month for me. I’m bombarded with work, there’s non-stop classes, I’m getting thoroughly exhausted from the non-stop go-go-go… I calculated it, and I’m averaging about 50 hours-a-week, without calculating my tutoring sessions and my transport hours. No wonder I’m tired non-stop! And no wonder I’m struggling to get a lot of reading done! I honestly feel like I don’t really have the emotional, or mental, bandwidth left to really get into a book. All of that, just to say: let’s get into my 2018 reading updates November update!

What I read

A relatively meager list, compared to some of my reading months earlier this year!

  • The Christmas Cafe at Seashell Cove, Karen Clarke
  • One WInter’s Day, Laura Briggs
  • Love and Lies at the Village Christmas Shop, Portia MacIntosh
  • A Way Back Home, Alison Sherlock
  • Tinsel in a Tangle, Ainslie Paton
  • A VIllage Affair, Julie Houston (review)
  • The Little Theatre on the Seafront, Katie Ginger

That being said – 7 books is still pretty good, especially considering the amount of work I’ve also had. (Story of my life, right?) And, finally! There’s some non-Christmas books in there as well! Who’d’ve thought!

What I thought

Well, there were some definite highs and lows in this month’s reading. While I enjoyed the idea behind The Christmas Cafe at Seashell Cove, I felt that the actual execution was… Lackluster. A Way Back Home, on the other hand, pleasantly surprised me in the way it handled a theme that is quite “classic”.

Then, there’s the non-Christmas books. As you can read in my review for A Village Affair, I really enjoyed the empowerment the main character goes through. The same can be said for The Little Theatre on the Seafront, actually. The two main characters in that one can’t really seem to get a break, and I honestly wanted to shake some sense into them at some points… But then again – that’s actually what made me enjoy the entire thing so much in the end!

What have you been reading this past month? Any books in particular you enjoyed? Be sure to let me know below!