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Weekly Lists #159: 5 Things I’m Grateful For

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s come to that time of year where Christmas is just around the corner, the days are definitely colder, shorter and more cosy (in my opinion, at least)… And, all of that put together? It just makes me think of all the good things I have going on. I’m very lucky in where my life’s at, and I’m very aware of that. But, you know, sometimes it’s just good to sit down and ponder exactly why you’re happy with your life, isn’t it? So here’s 5 things I’m grateful for!

1. Books

This is the number one thing everyone saw coming, right? More than ever, books have kind of saved me a couple of times this year. They’re my refuge, my home away from home, my escape from reality… They’re what’s pushed me to keep this blog going, and what’s given me confidence when I needed it… Honestly, I’m just thankful for books (and ARC’s – a special thanks should be given to ARCs!)

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2. Job

I don’t know about where you’re living, but in Belgium as a beginning teacher? You can basically expect to hop from job to job, from short-term position to slightly less-short-term position. Most starting teachers do this for at least 5 years, waiting every September 1st for a phone call to hear whether they have a job or not. And then people are surprised there’s such a huge drop out in this field…

All of that? Just to say that I got incredibly lucky. Well, it’s probably a combo of being very, very lucky and just non-stop (terrifyingly) putting myself out there since three years before I graduated. Either way, I’ve managed to get one job and I’m still there a year and a bit later. That’s both rare and I’m incredibly grateful for that!

3. Music

Do you know how many amazing songs are out here? And how many songs I would just like to bombard all of you with? Literally, I probably could do a weekly segment, just talking about my current musical obsessions. That’s both how many I have, and how often they change.

Also – singing. There’s honestly no way to get pent-up frustrations out like just belting along to whatever song is on. Seriously.

4. Online people

Honestly, there’s some pretty darn amazing people online, okay.

Whether it’s the people that always make me feel better just by watching their video’s (I’m thinking Blair Lamb, Lily Marston, …).

Or the ones that are so incredibly talented it just doesn’t seem real (like Gemma from Dorkfaceblog who a) just had a baby and b) painted probably my favourite thing in the entire appartment!).

And of course, then there’s people like Maud from My Passion Projects, Jolien from JolienNathalie and Ella from Ellla Was Here whom I’ve literally never seen be anything but nice.

5. The bf

Yeah, he deals with me on a daily basis. Has done so for over 50 months (random fact!) as “the bf” and for about 4 years before that as my (best) friend. Mad respect for that guy for a) being able to handle me; b) being genuinely awesome; and c) finishing his internship, graduated and got a job all in the span of a month. Great guy to be grateful for, right?

What are you grateful for this year? Be sure to let me know below!