About Books #73: Entangled

I was in the mood for some lovely clichés and a good amount of romance – and Entangled delivered just that.

I was offered an ARC by Netgalley in exchange for a review. All opinions are strictly my own.

The story

Aiden Sinclair was a commercial fisherman before he suddenly came into his billionaire inheritance—not that he’s complaining. Being a Sinclair does have its perks. But things were simpler before the money. He may have been dirt poor, but he loved his job and fully intended to always come back from the sea to his girlfriend, Skye Weston, so they could move toward something more permanent. Or at least that had been the plan . . . until he returned from a two-month fishing trip to discover that she had moved away and was marrying somebody else. It tore his world apart.

Now Skye’s back in town after nearly a decade. She’s a single mother and just as beautiful as ever. However, for some odd reason, she appears to hate him, when it should be Aiden who wants nothing to do with the woman who dumped him. Unfortunately, more than nine years of separation has done nothing to put a damper on their white-hot chemistry when they’re together. But even if those feelings are real, Skye has been keeping secrets. The truth of the past is about to come to light, and there is so much more at stake than just Aiden’s heart.

The opinion

First of all, this book was described as steamy – it is. If explicit, smutty scenes aren’t your thing? This book probably isn’t the thing for you. However – it’s more than just smut. Which is important to me. There’s an actual story to support the lovemaking, and it’s honestly not at all what I was expecting when I read the description.

If you’re used to reading romance, the “truth about the past” is quite an obvious one. After all, boy likes girl, boy leaves, girl disappears and has a secret, even 9 years later? It’s a classic trope, and, while it’s executed well, there’s nothing too new there.

However. However – the real plot twist? The rest of the secrets Skye’s past has to reveal? Those I did not expect. Let me just keep it to this – it’s very clear from the beginning that Skye’s mother is involved in something that could, if you were feeling nice, be called a religious cult. And it’s a thing. The influence it’s had on Skye’s life is both huge and negative, but to see Skye and Aiden work through those problems – either with, or without their clothes on, and occasionally becoming entangled in one another? That was kind of my favourite part of this book.

Of course, there’s more do. Hints and touches are given away about exactly how Aiden and his family went from poor to rich, and it’s really made me want to read more on that. Luckily, as one would have it? There’s an entire series already published, dedicated to nothing but the “rich Sinclairs”. I’m quite curious to see how exactly they are, away from their one-sentence-appearances in Entangled.

The rating: 2.5/5

If you’re in the mood for a fluffy, smutty read that features fun characters, realistic character development and of course: people with too much money and just the right amount of sense? Then this is definitely the book for you! (Goodreads)