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Weekly Lists #178: Favourite Content April

April was a weird month, if only because half of it was taken up by the Easter break. In other words: not too much productivity happened, you know? None the less, I did come across some great blogposts and video’s, this past month – so let’s dive straight into my favourite content April gave us!

1. Pregnancy-announcement

This is, without a doubt, my favourite post out of this entire month. I’ve been following Blair for 6 or 7 (?) years, basically from the start of her blog existing. So to be able to be happy for her because of this wonderful news? It kinda made my week. (I tweeted this recently as well, but, basically: I tend to get happier for other people’s good news than for my own? Either way – I was absolutely trilled for her and her husband!)

And of course, then she just went above and beyond and gave us no less than an hour and a half of insight into her journey to conception, her first trimester, telling her family and friends… Honestly – this is the quality stuff I’m online for, okay?

2. The art of Fast Living

Helene from Helene in Between is another recurring guest on this series, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned her for a while. Her post about the art of fast living, though? Kind of hit the spot for me!

3. Try a Chapter

Something of a more random post in this series, but I really like the general concept of this post. Victoria, over at Latte Night Reviews has a problem that many of us booklovers face, I think: so many books – and so little time to read them all. So the idea of just trying one chapter and then making a swift decision? It’s so simple that I’d never even considered it!


4. Old Age Series – The Try Guys

I know everyone and their cat basically knows (of) the Try Guys. They’re funny, they’re quircky, they try really random stuff… And from time to time? They make the kind of content that makes me think. Their “driving while under the influence of…”-series was one of those, and they absolutely did it again with their Old Age Series this past month. That’s all I’m going to say about this, honestly, you can just go ahead and watch the entire thing!

5. The Magical Readathon

My Instagram and Twitter haven’t been this magical in a while! The Magical Readathon took up a lot of my time, this past month, but the photos, tweets and general bookish love I got to see across all my socials? That’s a good exchange, as far as I’m concerned. You can go back and read my TBR for this readathon, and I’ll discuss how I did in my monthly reading update this coming Friday – but let me just tell you: I can’t wait for the NEWTS this August!

And that’s all of my favourite content for this past month! What posts, videos, … have you been loving in April? Be sure to let me know below!