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Weekly Lists #145: Favorite Fandoms

I’m starting this post with a huge disclaimer. Each of these fandoms is in its own way problematic. I’m aware of that. It’s hard not to be. That being said? These are my favorite fandoms!

1. Harry Potter

This is the gateway fandom. For me and many, many others, I’m sure. At this point, quite frankly, I prefer the fandom to the actual books.

*cough*JK Rowling ruined it*cough*

I mean, I’ve kind of reached the point where I’m actually confused on what is part of the original books, of the movies and of the fandom? (We’re not talking about the play. That didn’t happen.) The way the characters can be anything? I love that.

(Also, some of the most amazing writing I’ve ever read? Harry Potter fanfiction. There, I said it)

2. Percy Jackson

Rick Riordan is pretty good at including people of all types and I feel like that’s something that translates pretty well into the fandom?

Basically, this is the place to go if you just want to ship everyone with everyone and actually have a chance of that happening in real life? You know. Book-real-life.

Also – reading these books? I felt accepted. And from what I hear in the rest of the fandom? I’m not the only one. At all.

3. Pride and Prejudice

First of all, the fact that these books are still this big? Should probably give some hints about the massive-ness of this fandom. Also, the shear amount of books that have been inspired by this book (and this author) is just amazing.

Also – everything else by Jane Austen, really. There might just be a post on that coming out sometime soon :p

4. Hamilton

Yes, this isn’t a book. But man is it amazing. And is the fandom too.

The fact that this show so explicitly stands for diversity, possibilities, amazing cross-over music.

And the fact that this show is basically a bit of an ode to the musical genres that inspired the maker.

Oh, and the fact that so many people are so genuinely excited about the Hamilton tracks being re-released

Just – all of the things….

5. Romance

So this might feel like a bit of a cop-out. And, you know – maybe it is? But honestly, I am here for the romance fandom. There are so many genres and subgenres of romance, so many types of plots and love-building and just all. the appreciation. for all. the love.

Honestly, there’s quite often people looking down on people who like to read romance, so I really love (haha, get it? Love) that the fandom/community seems to have collectively decided to just spread all the love within the fandom, then 🙂

And there you have it, that’s 5 of my favorite fandoms! Are you part of any of these fandoms? (Remember: all that makes you a member of a fandom is just loving the basis of that fandom!) Be sure to let me know below!