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Weekly Lists #200: The Cream of the Crop

Also known as – OMYGOODNESS how did I read 200 weekly lists? (I mean, I think that there might actually be one or two “specials”, but lets not count those, just for the sake of a nice, round, easy number, right?) Either way – here’s some of the most read, most liked, or just plain old: I really liked writing this “cream of the crop”!

1. Must Read Jane Austen Retellings

You know how sometimes you just have a realisation that kinda makes you go “oh, right”? Well, that’s what I had when I reread (for the, probably, 5th time) Melissa Nathan’s Persuading Annie. You see, what I had – apparently – never realised until that reread? It’s a retelling of Jane Austen’s Persuasion – et voila: a post idea was born!

2. Gateway books to my favourite fandoms

This post was based on a prompt from Top 5 Wednesday over on Goodreads and, honestly? It was slightly (read: a lot) harder to put together than I actually thought it would be. But it was kinda fun to actually go ahead and try to pinpoint what books made me get into a certain genre, you know?

3. Alternatives to College

Fun fact: this is probably one of my favourite weekly lists I ever wrote. And also – one that to this day, I’m probably most passionate about. College isn’t everything, okay! (And this is coming from someone who teaches in college!)

4. Books for your Hogwarts House

Books ├ánd Harry Potter. Need I say more? (And no – I am not doing the new test. I refuse. And also… Well, I’m not risking that ish)

5. Favourite French Classics

Honestly? All of my “particular” classics, really. But the French classics were especially fun, just because it made me stop and appreciate the posts that I’d been taught to appreciate throughout various classes and courses.

Have you read any of these weekly lists? If so, what was your favourite? What should I write about next? Be sure to let me know below!