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Weekly Lists #181: Favourite Bookstagrams

I wrote a post just like this about 2 years ago. When I went back over the bookstagrams I featured on that weekly list, I was kind of amazed at the fact that there’s only one account I still actively follow these days. I mean, one of the accounts has even been deleted, since I gushed about it! So I figured it was about time for me to post a new, updated version of my favourite bookstagrams!

1. The Fiction Faery

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If you’re ever in the mood for muted colours, utter cosiness and, basically… In all ways the perfect bookstagram for a rainy day? Then The Fiction Faery is your go-to. And even if you’re not, this bookstagram is absolutely worth your time!

2. Miss Fioree


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If you’re one for props, soft colours and gorgeous compositions? Then Miss Fioree is your account. While her theme does shift from time to time, those elements are always present and they allow the book to shine on all occasions!

3. Books and Cookies


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Ironically, this is my go to for books and flowers – not cookies. Those floral book shots always manage to get the tone absolutely right, though, and I honestly admire “Mary the Cookie” for that!

4. Wibblywobblybookywooky


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Bright colours and happy shots, that’s what Caren over at Wibblywobblybookywooky delivers time and time again. Honestly, her shots just always brighten my day a bit – and that in and of itself would be enough for a place on this list, right?

5. Sweet Book Bbsession


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All. the. bookshelves. This is my number 1 spot for some serious bookshelves-envy, and Emily, the photographer of Sweet Book Obsession delivers every single time.

What other gorgeous bookstagrams could you recommend me? I strongly believe there’s no such thing as too many books on my instagram-feed, so I’m absolutely in the market to hear your recommendations! So be sure to leave them for me below!