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Weekly Lists #40: Author’s I’d Like to Meet

Every Wednesday I post a list of 5 random things – this week: the authors I’d love to meet!

I think everybody has that one author, or maybe even two, that they just really would like to meet – be it to express their gratitude, be it to curse them for writing that one book from hell.
So… Here’s 5 of mine!

1. J.K. Rowling

Obvious? Yes.

But so very, very true!
Not only do I have a serious word to talk with her about, concerning some deaths which mustn’t be named, I still have so many questions left about this series, the how, the what, the why, the when…
And of course: I just want to hug her, and thank her for writing the series that basically shaped my childhood!

2. Jane Austen

I think it’s pretty clear by now that I really really love Jane Austen’s work, but more than just that, from everything I’ve read about her, she was just a pretty darn amazing woman as is, and one of the most interesting people ever to talk to!

3. Arthur Conan Doyle

I totally got it from my parents!

One of the things I definitely got from my parents was a well-grounded appreciation for detective novels, especially the all time classics such as Sherlock Holmes – I even mentioned how much I love the recent BBC-adaptation of this series!

However, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle actually had a pretty wicked life as well – there’s numerous urban legends that feature him, from his supposed “prank-telegram” (“All is discovered, flee for your life” – and one of his friends really did) to the classic tent-joke (“you see the stars, Watson, what does that tell you?”) – and even just the facts seem to make for very interesting conversation!

4. Agatha Christie

And of course, if I’m including Arthur Conan Doyle, I need Poirots creator as well!
I honestly don’t even know what I’d want to talk to her about, but Agatha Christie has just always seemed like such an interesting person to me – where did she get her inspiration? How much like Miss Marple was she really? Did she ever solve a (murder)mystery? What was life like for her? To what extent were the places where her novels took place inspired by places she’d really been to?
All the questions!

5. Astrid Lindgren

I mean, as far as all-time-favourite-authors go, Astrid Lindgren’s pretty high up there!
She’s literally the source of my need to go visit Sweden, I desperately want to do an entire Pippi Longstocking-tour (is there even such a thing?) and I absolutely admire her for the way she used her fame, through her writing, through speeches, through just plain old influencing people, to make a real, long-lasting impact in some very important politics!
(Also: she just seems like such an awesome person in general, did you even see that picture of her, up there? 🙂 )

So, there you have it – 5 of the authors I would love to meet! What authors would you also like to meet? Are you with me on any of these? Be sure to let me know below!