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Weekly Lists #122: Favorite YA Romance Series

Romance. It’s the thing that makes me smile while I’m reading. Looking back now, it’s pretty clear I was always going to grow into a chicklit-lover. I mean, you know – long before Goodreads I would always look for the romantic books in my library. And it’s given me some longstanding favourite YA romance series!

Now, in this case I am choosing to focus solely on series where romance is actually the focus. So the Ashbury/Frookfields-series, or The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, while they do feature romance, aren’t included in a list such as this.

1. Anna and the French Kiss, Stephanie Perkins

I read this series just as I was on the verge of “being too old” to still read YA. However, first off all: I feel that age-limit is absolute nonsense, second: it wasn’t published until then. Anyways, in looking back I can definitely see some less-than-stellar element in the first book of this series, if nothing else. I have to admit, though, that I probably read this one at just the right moment in time. Because I still love revisiting this series from time to time!

2. Smith High, Marni Bates

I feel like I probably read this one completely out of order. I came across the one book that isn’t listed on Goodreads as being part of the series (Decked with Holly) quite by accident. And then proceeded to read all the other ones I could get my hands on. As one does, right? 🙂

This series follows various students at Smith High as they fall in love and go through life. With a remarkably high percentage of rock stars and dreamy guys featuring!

3. Girl online, Zoe Sugg

Doesn’t everyone at some point have that dream? That you’ll meet someone who is just cute, and then turns out to be a rock star? Or a prince? Or any other job which has requirements along the lines of: must be cute, nice, and popular?

That’s almost exactly what happens in this series – only it’s not quite as fun as it could have seemed to be (it never is, is it?) Oh, and the girl? She’s not about to take anything just lying down. Also: she blogs. And those last two things are probably why I liked this series as much as I did, anyways!

4. This Is What Happy Looks Like, Jennifer E. Smith

This is more so a duology than a real series, but hey – that counts, right? Also, going along with that whole “doesn’t everyone at some point…”-thing? That’s exactly what I felt about this one too.

I mean, when you go on a holiday, or you sit next to someone and strike up a random conversation… Surely I can’t be the only one that then does that thing where you plan the entire future, featuring that person to some degree? No? Just me? Oh well…

5. If I Stay, Gayle Forman

Granted, I could have just as easily gone for this same author’s Just One Day-series. But I liked If I Stay just a bit more – if nothing else, then because it features music. And everyone knows that a book featuring music is bound to be well-liked by me. Well, sort of 🙂

What’s typical for both series, though, is just that right amount of drama, “what’s going on”-feeling and of course: happy endings. Eventually at least. And I’m a sucker for happy endings!

I’ve found myself wanting to read more YA again lately, so if you liked any (or all 😀 ) of the above series and you have any other series that struck you as being just a little bit similar? Or just also really enjoyable? Please do let me know below!