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A day in the life: Teacher edition (part 2 – stay at home)

So yesterday I showed you what a day in my life looks like when I’m teaching the entire day. Naturally, that’s not always the case – last term I had to be in school 4 days every week, this term only 3 days. As you could read yesterday, though? Those days tend to be quite long. That’s why I try to balance that out. Here’s my day in the life  teacher edition – the stay at home version!

As was the case yesterday as well, I opted to just go for my schedule of the current day. So again, as you’re reading this? That’s what I’m doing! Again, some days this schedule might start an hour or two later, but that’s about the only thing that changes!

Get going

7:00: The alarm goes off. I jump out of bed and I drink whatever amount of water is left in my bottle, jump out of bed and go to the bathroom. Splash some ice cold water in my face and try to ignore the fact that it’s freezing. I get the bf up if he has work or classes and throw on a comfy shirt and my Harry Potter-pants.

7:30: Prepare breakfast – usually some fruit and greek yoghurt for me, maybe with some toast if I’m feeling like it. I make myself a cup of tea, I get some coffee going for the bf and set out his breakfast as well. I go “remind” the bf that he did agree to get up at this hour (yes you did, I promise) and put the last touches to the breakfast.

8:00: Brush my face and my teeth, put some moisturizer on, brush my hair and make sure it’s nice and out of my face the entire day. Start my laptop and check whether I’ve got any mail. Make sure I have everything with me I need to get work starting. Get lost on facebook or twitter, aimlessly scrolling until my alarm goes off.

Get working

8:30: Get started. First off is preparing the next couple of days’ classes. If I’ve already done this, go over my slides and my manual again and check whether anything’s hit the news that might be relevant or that I couldj use in my classes.

10:00: Time for a break! Make myself some more tea, fill up my water bottle, try to do some tyding. Usually this just involves putting any last things from breakfast or last night away, maybe arrange some books that I’ve gotten out. If necessary, get some laundry separated, do some ironing, …

11:00: I get back to it, but this time it’s a different type of work. I try and get my blogposts for the week written, get some planning in. I usually try and see if there’s any occasions that require a specific type of post (holidays, the end or the beginning of the month, …). Get endlessly lost in stupid Facebook games.

12:00: Get started on lunch. Usually some soup, maybe a salad, maybe something warm if I’m in the mood for putting in the effort. Get the bf in if he isn’t off at work or school. Maybe watch a quick episode, some dumb movies on facebook, laugh at a couple of threads on Reddit.

13:00: Try and get back into work. Fail miserably. Realise I might as well just give into it, because I’m basically still not entirely recovered from working yesterday.

13:30: Force myeslf to actually get some work done. Try and get any correcting done – there’s usually a lot of it.

15:30: Pack my back and get ready to leave. Walk to the tram, take the tram, then get on the bus, get to my tutoring place.

16:30: Start of my tutoring session. If I’m not mistaken, I’m teaching maths this week – fun times!

Winding down

19:00: All done tutoring, with some luck I get picked up, otherwise I take the bus and the tram back.

20:00: Back home, I get to cooking. The bf hasn’t quite recovered from when I last had him cook. Even though I actually thought it was delicious. At this point, we usually put on a show, get settled into the sofa and enjoy our meal.

21:00: Some final fiddling with the blog probably, or with any last correcting I need to get done.

22:00: Hopefully start winding down – drink a liter of water, read a bit, play some silly games, make myself a warm cup of milk or drink some more water…

23:00 Get in bed, put some moisturizer on, check Instagram and Twitter. Play a really stupid game, fall asleep.

And again, that’s my day done. I know I probably seem like some sort of non-human, just jumping out of bed every day, but, well… First of all, I’m a morning person. Second: it’s the best way for me to actually get going. Just get the “getting up” over with and move on with my day. Also, yes, I’m aware that there’s a lot of “I make the food”. What can I say, I like cooking? In exchange, the bf is solely responsible for doing dishes, vacuuming and taking all sorts of trash out. It works out perfectly 🙂