Why I’m falling back in love with Pinterest

So I have a confession to make… Pinterest and I have been going through something of a … dry spell. It’s not really something anybody did. No harsh words were said, no horrible deeds were done. Sometimes, the love just sort of… Fizzles. I’m happy to say, though, that I’m finding myself falling 100% back in love with Pinterest. The thing that changed it all? Sections.

Now, let me just start off by saying that I am by no means a Pinterest-guru. In fact, if anything, I’m the Pinterest-guru’s biggest fan. I do however, have a 4-year lover relation with the platform. That’s pretty late to the party, I’m sure, but it also shows that I’ve been doing the whole pinning-game for quite a while.

At the beginning…

…there wasn’t even a blog yet… I started Pinterest as a way to get inspiration for hairdo’s (I was growing out bangs – they were one of the bigger mistakes in my hair-story). Soon enough, I was pinning left and right: planner-posts (because we all know I love planners), book-posts (because, well, same), food-inspiration…

I loved pinterest.

And eventually, like many people, I had a good 40 to 50-something boards, all of them filled with ideas that I would one day try, and love. Or give to someone else. And maybe I could even get some views for my blog from it. I mean, that’s what all my beloved Pinterest-guru’s said I should (and could) be doing, right?

While blogging…

…I tried to get a bit more organised with my Pinterest-game. So far, I just started a new board anytime I needed to. No real order present, no big, all-encompassing view on what my profile should look like.

So I made some selections – I didn’t just pin any sort of things about books, I had general book-things, YA-related, children’s literature-related and adult literature-related pins. Oh, and of course an entire board of just bookish printables, quotes, and so  on and so forth.

Christmas on itself had like 5 boards dedicated to it – one for general decoration, another for printables, yet another for food, of course there should be something on Christmas reading, and not to forget just general Christmas-things, and…

Long story short: it got overwhelming. As anybody who knows me well can tell you: I do not do well with large chunks of anything that I need to do. Just this morning, I was splitting down my to do-list into tiny parts, because I realised that one of the biggest problems in my not getting any of it done? It was too much. It was too big of a task. Too many little things that I would all need to get done to complete the whole.

-There’s a reason my to do-list is always a million things long, and this is it. I need to divide and conquer, otherwise I put everything together and cry.-

So slowly but surely, I didn’t go on Pinterest any more. I was following a couple of subjects, but that just meant I never got around to actually seeing the pins of the people I chose to follow. And by the end of last year, I was hardly ever on Pinterest anymore.

Getting back into pinterest…

…was basically just dumb luck.

So I was watching “Say Yes To The Dress” (love that show) with my friend and she wanted to show me the type of dress she likes. Long story short: I ended up back on Pinterest. And I noticed there was a new thing: sections.

Now, sections are amazing. They basically allow you to have different categories within each board. And yes, I’m sure most people already knew about them and this is just old news to you. But you know what? It was brand new information to me. And its basically made me fall back in love with Pinterest.

From 40+ boards, I’ve gone down to 18. (By the way, the “organise” option? Love it. Is that new too, or did I just never notice it?)

From multiple boards per theme, I’ve gone to one books-board, one Christmas-board, one… I have the entire listing of meals nicely organised in my “Food” board and all different kind of planner-possibilities, from printables to bullet journals, in one board as well.

I’m just left with one “problem”. Not enough people I’m following on there. So here’s a question: if you have Pinterest, and you’re fairly active on it? Please do drop me your link below, so I can go ahead and follow you! I really need more people to follow. And I’ve no idea where to start 🙂