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Holiday Books for Children

This probably surprises absolutely no one, but here goes anyways. My love for holiday books didn’t just randomly come into being in the past couple of years. No, I’ve loved holiday books since I was tiny. Like, as soon as I could read-tiny! Now, not all of these are Holiday-books per se. But all of them definitely can be read around the holidays! So here are some of my favourite holiday books for kids!

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1. Every single book on my Holiday Classics list

I mean, just about all of them were either meant for children (as well), or at least have a children’s version. So definitely check those out!

2. Eloise at Christmastime

This one is also in my post on favourite Christmas movies, and the reason for that is obvious. It’s awesome. This entire story is so cute, funny, heartwarming, and just all around fantastic… I basically can’t advise you enough to read it!

3. Astrid Lindgren, Christmas Specials

One of the best things about Astrid Lindgren’s work is that you can find something in it for every single time of year. And it’s all coated in a lovely feeling of nostalgia. Whether you love the idea of playing outside, in the forest, in summer, or you want to live a cold, Swedish winter, you’ll find something to suit you. There’s even books out there that collect stories from all of Lindgren’s work per season!
(And in case you were wondering: yes, I do own one of those)

Anyways, one of the main reasons I love reading the work of Astrid Lindgren’s work is the fact that it was written in (and about!) a completely different age. It lets you experience a type of Christmas that’s probably very different from what you know. And whether you plan on reading these yourself, or you want to read them with (to) your children, that’s always an amazing thing to experience.

4. The Night Before Christmas, Clement Clarke Moore

This is one of those classics that has been going around for what feels like ages. It’s a brief, cute work that lends itself perfectly for being read at bed time. Fun fact: it even serves as such in the movie adaptation of Eloise at Christmas Time!

5. Madeline’s Christmas, Ludwig Bemelmans

I used to wtach the tv-adaptation of this series when I was a (really) little girl, and I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for it because of that. (Although, now that I think about it, I also remember the girls head being spinned off in a washing machine, so I might be mixing it up with another one).
Anyways, I do know for sure that I watched a movie based on this series. And I loved that one as well. So either way, I know something of the story of Madeline. More than anything, though, I just loved this story. I read it because I wanted something fun and fluffy to read, and it was just enough of both of those!

Anyway, that’s (at least :p ) 5 stories for children to read at Christmas time- what other stories could you recommend? I feel like I’m really going to be needing some stories on the simpler side of things these coming weeks (exams are upon us!), so be sure to let me know below!
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