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Weekly Lists #197: Kick-Ass Girls

I got my inspiration for this one from the February topics for Top 5 Wednesday over on Goodreads. Because, you know, what could be better than some independent, kick-ass girls kicking butt in literature? Why, some ladies-to-be kicking butt in literature, of course!

1. Lyra Belacqua

Lyra is not here for anyone’s BS, okay. She is going to save her friend, she is going to get to the North Pole, she is going to figure out the Golden Compass, and she is going to do it and kick ass in the mean time. That’s all.

2. Pippi Longstocking

Look, I’m just saying – Astrid Lindgren’s Pippi Longstocking? She’s the real OG independent lady. And she’s absolutely amazing and she’s a genuinely nice, if slightly wacko person!

3. Maria Merryweather

Apparently there’s just something about the characters that Dakota Blue Richards played around 2007. Because she’s both Maria and Lyra and both of those? Great independent ladies that are on that brink of “may have a romantic interest” and instead just go: “yeah, I don’t need that. I have stuff to do and mysteries to solve”. Anyways, I just love them.

4. Roberta

Honestly, imagine being a kid and just sort of having to rail your siblings in? And then doing that while also not knowing yourself exactly what is going on… I mean, The Railway Children as a whole is just a great book, but Roberta is definitely my favourtie part of it.

5. Liesel

… from The Book Thief. I mean, honestly… Need I explain this? Really?

Anyways, what are some of your favourite independent kick-ass girls? Be sure to let me know below!