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Weekly Lists #196: Current Favourite Music

Every once in a while, I just need to gush for a bit. About my favourite songs, movies, books… Or in this case: about my current favourite music. Because, let’s be real – it changes quite often. So you gotta keep updating the world, right!

1. Orelsan – Plus Rien Ne M’Etonne

If anyone should ever asked, my love for Orelsan is strictly the bf’s fault. Or thanks to him. Whichever you think fits better. I’ll be here jamming to this song while you figure it out.

2. Boston – More than a feeling

Now, as far as I’m concerned? It’s always the right moment for a good ol’ classic. Or in this case, to just constantly have the guitar-lead in this song stuck in my head. Whatever floats your boat, right?

3. The Willis Clan – Since I Left Home

As it turns out, a lot of the songs in this list have just been old favourites that I’ve sort of grown back towards. In the case of this one: I was obsessed with this song during summer exams a couple of years back, and then after it…

Well, let’s just say that an intrinsic link to exam-stress isn’t optimal to musical enjoyment. Apparently, though, enough time has gone by that I can enjoy this one again. And boy have I ever!

4. Ella Henderson – Ghost

If you want to know why I’ve been no-stop obsessed with this song for about 5 years? It’s the exact perfect tempo for my walk to the station. And sometimes that’s all you really need in a song, right?

(That’s a lie, by the way, this entire song is freaking amazing, not least because of her amazing voice!)

5. Celtic Woman – Orinoco Flow

Or, just, like, the entire Ancient Land Deluxe album which came out – I think – last week, and I’ve since listened to approximately 15 days each day.

Seriously, though, Orinoco Flow is one of those classics that always get me, and this new version by Celtic Woman? Even better than their version with the original line-up. There. I said it.

What’s been your favourite music lately? Be sure to let me know below!