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Paris Book Haul

Why am I doing an actual, dedicated book haul-books, you ask? Well, a little while back, me and my best friend, as well as our respective boyfriends took a couple of days at Paris and – of course, it’s me, what did you expect? – books were bought.

The best bit? I’m actually pretty proud of myself, for how little books I bought – like, you have no idea how many of them I had to resist, really!

Anyways, here are the books I got while in Paris!

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Le Gibert Jeune


A lot by Marc Lévy: so here’s the thing: Marc Lévy was basically the first French author I ever read a book by (Et SI C’Etait Vrai) and I fell in love with his writing immediately. However, I haven’t really read of his work since then (and that’s been like 6 years) so when I saw that Gallimard had a whole bunch of his books at really reasonable prices, I sort of went all out – and bought 6 of them. That’s right, six.

  • Vous Revoir: this is actually the sequel to Et Si C’était Vrai, and as such this was the one book I’m really looking forward to!
    “If life gave you a second chance to meet your first love again, would you risk everything to take it?
    When Arthur returns to San Francisco after a self-imposed exile in Paris, he rediscovers his best friend, his job, and the city he loves. The one thing missing is Lauren: the woman he had sacrificed everything to save, only to lose her minutes later. Arthur is resigned to never see Lauren again. But when fate intervenes, it is Lauren’s turn to save Arthur. If only she can find him in time.”
  • Elle Et Lui: this is the story of two people who are, basically, quite opposite in every way – and yet, they somehow end up finding each other and – of course – falling in love…
  • Toutes Ces Choses Qu’on Ne S’Est Pas Dites:
    “A romantic comedy set in a world that is larger than life… A story that entices the reader to believe the unbelievable…
    As far back as Julia Walsh could remember, she always had a difficult relationship with her father. They hardly ever saw each other. Hardly ever spoke, and on the rare occasions they did, they never seemed to agree on anything.
    Three days before her wedding, Julia receives a phone call from her father’s personal secretary. Just as Julia had predicted, Anthony Walsh will not be able to attend his daughter’s wedding.
    However, for once, Julia has to admit that her father’s excuse is irreproachable.
    He’s dead.
    Julia cannot help seeing the tragic-comical side of the situation. From one second to the next, her nuptial dreams transform into funeral plans. Even beyond the grave, it seems, Anthony Walsh has his own particularly effective way of disrupting his daughter’s life.
    But the day after his funeral, Julia discovers that her father has one last surprise in store for her. Without a doubt, the journey of a life-time, and an opportunity to say, at last, all those things they had never said.”
  • Si C’était à Refaire:
    “On the morning of July 9th 2012, New York Times investigative reporter Andrew Stilman is jogging along the Hudson River when he feels a sudden, sharp pain in his lower back. He collapses in a pool of blood. When he regains consciousness, it’s May 7th 2012—exactly two months earlier. From that moment on, Andrew has sixty days to uncover his murderer. Sixty days to find out who wants him dead and why. From New York City to Buenos Aires, Andrew embarks on a gripping race against time.
  • Où es-tu ?:
    “He strove for an ideal love… She simply loved him…
    When they were growing up, Susan and Philip meant everything to each other. In the spirited optimism of their youth, they swore that they would love each other forever – even if their lives forced them apart. She had plans to fight poverty in Central America, while he would try to make it in Manhattan. Philip made a promise: whatever happened to Susan, he would always be there for her. Little did he know that this promise would transform his life – that keeping it would mean opening his heart to an unwanted stranger, to someone who would first shatter his world, but would ultimately bring everything together.”
  • Sept Jours Pour Une Eternite…:
    “They’ve tried to destroy each other for centuries, but they’ve failed… So God and the Devil plan a contest to finally decide who will rule eternity: each will send their top candidate to earth. The champions will have seven days to draw mankind towards good or evil, respectively. God picks his favorite angel, a ravishing young woman named Zofia. Lucifer picks Lucas, a male demon with devilishly good looks. The battlefield: present day San Francisco. The winner will rule mankind forever after: they have seven days for an eternity. 
    Neither God nor the Devil could foresee that the two rivals, unaware of the other’s identity, would cross paths from the very start of the contest. Nor did they imagine that they could fall in love… “

So there you have it, those are the books I bought while in Paris – have you read any of them yet? If so, be sure to let me know what you thought below!

If you’re interested in what I did while in Paris, be sure to stay tuned, because I’ll be starting that story on Sunday!