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Weekly Lists #115: Small Booktubers to Support

So I had a post planned for yesterday. Well, that’s kind of a lie. I had an idea. And then I didn’t work it out beforehand so I ended up not posting anything. The main point is that it was a very convenient lack of posting. Because YouTube changed something and a lot of booktubers are effected by it. So I went through YouTube and Twitter, and here’s some small booktubers I’m now following. Because we all can spread some love, right? 🙂

Now, to be a bit more concrete: a lot of YouTubers try to get their channels monetized. It’s only logical, as making and uploading videos on anything of a regular basis takes a lot of time. Time that might be otherwise spent doing something else, something that could earn you money, rather than cost it.

I’m not going to pretend to know all that much about exactly how YouTube decides who gets to earn money and who doesn’t. I do know, however, that it’s something to do with the number of subscribers and views you get on a monthly and/or yearly basis. Now, YouTube has upped those numbers.

This is a trend we’ve seen quite a lot on a variety of different social media (Instagram, GoodReads, I’m looking at you): the big players are supported, the small (and/or upcoming) ones are left to fend for themselves.

Unfortunately, we can’t really change YouTube’s mind about the changes. What we can do, though, is support those channels that are affected by this change. And as it so happens – that’s the case for quite some smaller booktubers. Naturally, there’s many more than just these 5, but none the less: here’s some of my favourites!

1. CardinalsLuveBooks

I mean, I’m a fan of any good bookshelf tour, but when I noticed she has the same versions of Harry Potter that I currently have out and proud on my bookshelves? I knew I needed to watch more of this channel!

2. Storribook

First of all, I’m going to be doing a post about this at one point or another. The same concept as this video, that is. Second, there’s just something I really like about her demeanor. And of course: “I think I’m going to give it five stars because everybody else is giving it five stars”? Story of my life, basically!

3. Yasminsbookshelf

Ah, another book shelf tour. What’s not to love, even if it does start from a basis of “I unhauled EVERYTHING” (blasphemy! :o) Also, there’s excellent music choices in every single one of the videos I’ve watched so far, so there’s that as well!

4. Blonde With A Book

First of all, if you call your channel “Blonde with a Book”, the odds of my liking your channel rise with about 600%. I don’t know why, they just do. Also, I really liked the seemingly spontaneous way in which Rocky presents just about every video. Seriously, just watch this one and then her 7 worst reads of 2017!

5. G-Swizzel Books

Sure, this channel is technically a bit bigger – it already has 1k7 subscribers. But then again, I can totally see why those people are following her. She’s spontaneous, not afraid to be honest, even if that’s negative, and she has just the right amount of sass to make me giggle throughout her videos!

6. The Rainy Reader

I mean, we’re supporting booktubers here, you didn’t really think I would limit myself to just 5 people, right? I clicked this video because I love the concept of reacting to things other people have bought for you. Like, yes, that broadly – make up, clothes, books, … Give it to me. I clicked the next, and the next, and the next video, though, because this booktuber is just fun. Like, she’s genuinely enjoyable to watch as she talks about books! And isn’t that exactly what you want from a booktuber?

So, here’s the deal. These are just the 6 booktubers I found and liked in a couple of hours’ search. If you know of any other booktubers – if you are one, you love someone in particular – please do let me know below! There’s always room for more book-love in my subscription box. And as should be clear by the very premises of this video: booktubers seriously deserve some love!