Christmas,  Holidays

Merry Christmas!

Some things will never change.

I talk too fast, I love sushi and cooking and dancing.  Christmas is just about my favourite time of the year, but each year it seems to pass me by. There’s never snow on Christmas, no matter how much I wish for it. Blog-mas is absolute craziness, and sometimes it even makes me forget what this entire month is about.

So here’s to time spend with family and friends. Here’s to kind thoughts, and gifts that express that.

Here’s to time shared and efforts made, to love given and impatience pushed aside.

Here’s to bands rekindled and forgiveness granted.

Here’s to protecting yourself if so necessary, and helping others if you can.

Here’s to giving yourself freely to others to make their day and world a little bit better.

Here’s to turkey, bickering around a table and laughing about it afterwards.

Here’s to those missed and those missing, to the lovers, the loved ones and the beloved.

Here’s to those expected, those for the first time not there and those otherwise not there.

Here’s to hope, to kindness and peace.

And here’s to a very merry Christmas.


(And here’s to blog-mas posts!)