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2019 1st Book Haul!

For reference: when the bf saw me taking the pics for this post, all he could say was “wow”. And I almost started hyperventilating. Because, you know… While all of these purchase seemed “okay” in and of themselves? Put together into 2019 first book haul (and, honestly, my first haul of any sorts in a while)?… Read More 2019 1st Book Haul!

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Paris Book Haul

Why am I doing an actual, dedicated book haul-books, you ask? Well, a little while back, me and my best friend, as well as our respective boyfriends took a couple of days at Paris and – of course, it’s me, what did you expect? – books were bought. The best bit? I’m actually pretty proud… Read More Paris Book Haul


October Haul

We survived October, everybody!   I mean, sure, it had its perks (Halloween, anybody? As well as the beginning of fall?)  It was, for me at least, also the month of every single one of my professors going “let’s give them all the work – and let’s give it to them now”. Not to mention,… Read More October Haul

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September Book Haul

So, as the month of September is now officially over, I figured it was about time for my September book haul – and as I went on a little trip that involved ever so slightly too many bookstores, it’s going to be a long one. (Unfortunately, it may also be the only one until around… Read More September Book Haul