Musical Favourites: Spamalot

I feel like this is something that many people wouldn’t necessarily know about me, unless they knew me in real life. And even then. But, basically – I love musicals. I honestly spend entirely too much time gushing about them irl, so I figured it was about time I brought that to the blog as well. […]

Spring 2019 TBR

Spring is such a weird reading season for me. Where autumn and winter are usually overly busy, I still usually manage to read quite a lot during those months. Spring, on the other hand, is quite a bit  more relaxed, as far as work goes. So, naturally, I always find it hard to get much […]

#TBT: Favourite Disney Series

Fun fact for you: we never had Disney Channel until I was old enough that I probably shouldn’t really have been watching it, still. I did – but that’s a matter for another day. More importantly, though, that means that most of my experiences with Disney came from either video cassettes or from dvd’s. I still […]

Weekly Lists #170: Best of my TBR

You know how, sometimes, you’re scared to start reading a book? Because, you know… It might disappoint you? Or even worse: it might be distinctly average, and you’re just left cold by something you had been really anticipating? That’s basically what the best of my tbr is for: the books that I knew I wanted to […]

40 Days of Blogging

I would’ve posted this Wednesday but, you know… I do have a tradition of weekly lists on Wednesday. 170 weekly lists, to be exact. Anyways, this is just a bit of a notification. That I’m going to be participating in 40 Days of Blogging again this year. Honestly, I don’t know why I’m doing this […]

2019 Reading Updates – February Update

So I spent this entire month thinking I’d not really read that much. And then it turns out that, somehow, I got through 19 books. I’m not entirely sure how it happened either, but nonetheless: here’s my 2019 Reading Updates February Update! What I read I’ll Give You The Sun, Jandy Nelson First Term at […]