Merry Christmas!

Can you believe that Blog-mas 2016 is already at an end? It seems just yesterday I was trying to figure out how I was ever going to post something every day for 25 days! Anyways, now that the day has finally come: Merry Christmas! There isn’t really a lot I can say here, apart from: Afrikaans: […]

Christmas Eve Traditions

Christmas Eve this year is going to be quite a bit different than usual! For one thing, as you’re reading this, I’m taking an exam. Yes, that’s an exam on Saturday. On Christmas Eve. As soon as that’s over and done with, though, I’m planning to get back to regular programming as soon as possible. And […]

Gifts for Disney-fans

I once read somewhere: “the moment you realize you’ll never fully grow up, that’s the moment you’ve really become an adult.” If that’s true, than I’ve been a fully blown adult since I was approximately 9. Because that was probably the age at which I realized that I would never be able to give up […]

Holiday Drinks

Every season has it’s typical drinks, and as was probably expected by each and every one of you – my favourites come in winter. I mean, come on, the holiday drinks are just so amazing! 1. The classic If you ever thought that this was going to be anything but hot chocolate, you obviously don’t […]

6 Most Delicious Holiday Baked Goods

There are so many things to love about the Holidays, and all the amazing food is definitely one of them. There’s the drinks, the snacks, the everything… But most importantly? There’s the endless variation of delicious holiday baked goodies! 1. Brownies, Cafe Delites These basically make for the loveliest, fudgiest, gooey in the middle and all […]

Tags #3: The Christmas Tag

So this year, I decided to make my month of December extra hard. Because every single day, up to and including Christmas, I will be posting one blog. The subject can range from gift ideas to favourite songs – but posted it will be. Now, one thing that just had to be included in here was, […]