2018 Reading Updates: June Update

I remember writing for May that I felt like I hadn’t read enough… Well, here I am, with June over and… Well, let’s just say this doesn’t feally like it’s been the greatest reading month either. We’ll just blame exams, shall we? My 2018 reading updates June update! What I read A grant total of […]

2018 Reading Updates: April Update

The good thing about April: it usually involves at least some free days or just regular holidays. Which, of course, should be put to excellent use. Through reading. Of course 🙂 And in this case? That’s resulted in quite a bit of books to be discussed in this 2018 reading updates april edition! What I read I […]

2018 Reading Updates: March Update

Happy Easter everybody! As per the usual, with Easter comes the end of March, and Easter break. And quite frankly? I’m not sure which one of those I’m more happy about. So here’s to getting a break from work, getting out of the longest month ever and of course: to the 2018 reading updates March edition! […]

2018 Reading Updates: February Update

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a month in possession of Valentine, must be in need of a romantic readathon. And that readathon, in this case, kind of ended up resulting in me reading quite a bit… My 2018 reading updates February update! What I read Sweet On You, Kate Perry Mad About You, […]

2018 Reading Updates: January Update

*Cue the complaint about how January has gone by entirely too soon and how I’m not ready for it to be over yet.” Good, now that we’ve gotten that over with. I actually did get quite a lot of reading done this month. And what’s even better: I’ve genuinely liked a large majority of it! So here’s […]