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2020 Year in Review

I remember writing this post for 2019, and if I’m not mistaken, my opening line was something in the area of “wow this was such a crazy year”. Well… Let’s just say that 2020 blew that one out of the water, right? Nonetheless, I figured I’d give this another try – so here’s my 2020 year in review!


Favourite musicGood Boy, Taeyang & G-Dragon
Superwoman, Minzy
Côte Ouest, 47ter
Crayon, G-Dragon
Favourite moviesNow You See Me
The Good Place
Favourite booksTweet Cute
The Neighbours

I started this year as I intended to complete it – watching the last half of the last LOTR-movie. Other than that, the first week of 2020 was spent recovering from a bronchitis, and going to my grandfather’s funeral. I guess you could say I’ve had better starts to a year… (Although, this was at least the 3rd time I can remember taking antibiotics on New Year’s Eve, apparently I’m weak around that time of year?)

Luckily, the rest of January as well as most of February, was actually pretty okay – I spent some time with family, still slept way more than I’d normally do, listened to K-Pop (and by that, I mean: Big Bang) almost non-stop, got used to the fact that apparently having a burn-out is not something you can just recover from like that… And then, just as I figured I was doing better? The world broke. Kinda.


Favourite musicAll Day All Night, Sean Dhondt
Dear Evan Hansen-soundtrack
Older, Ben Platt
Four Seasons Medley, Ringmasters
Favourite moviesDownton Abbey
Paddington 2
Queer Eye
Miss Americana
Favourite booksThe Boy, The Mole, The Fox & The Horse
The Wedding War

The funny thing is that, even as the entire world was shutting down? I was kinda doing okay. Sure, I didn’t see my parents for about 3 months, didn’t see my grandparents for 7 months… But I didn’t lose anyone to COVID. I had friends and family get sick, but no one actually succumbed to the virus – I’m more than willing to take that as one hell of a lucky streak.

In the mean time, I also participated in the O.W.L.s, got completely obsessed with Downton Abbey (from the series to the movies to fanfiction, I did the full package), went on a lot of walks… And I don’t think I’ve ever used Skype as much as I did during the spring of 2020. I’m talking daily or twice-daily calls at least.

Mental health-wise, this was also the period where I finally found some more solid footing. Biweekly psychology meetings will do that to you, apparently, as will a lack of triggers to a lovely combination of being an introvert and having social anxiety. Sure, I also didn’t leave the house for weeks on end, on occasion, but that’s of secondary importance, right?

Oh, and Animal Crossing – that’s a bandwagon I jumped on very enthousiastically.


Favourite musicRain, Ben Platt
Zutter, GD & TOP
folklore-album, Taylor Swift
Without You, Leslie Odom Jr.
Vol. 1, Radio Company
God Gave Me You, Blake Shelton
Favourite moviesSherlock
Enola Holmes
Favourite booksThe Plus One Pact
The Love Study
Check, Please!-series
Boyfriend Material

With summer came me going back to work – if you’re keeping count, yes: I was home for over 7 months. Luckily, I could sort of ease myself back into that environment – I started with only having to prepare classes, then continued with only having to take exams, before I had to start facing my students again.

No traveling this year, as we just didn’t want to take the risk, but there were a lot of day trips, picknicks and walks – seeing people, but in an open environment? Works way better for me than those overstuffed family parties, apparently…

Other than that, I mainly spent this summer reading entirely too much fanfiction. And by that, I mean I basically reverted back to my 2011-2012-self. Merlin, Sherlock, Supernatural… Hour upon hour was spent on AO3 – and I honestly can’t say I regret it. If nothing else, then because at least I also still managed to get my Goodreads Reading goal – but more on that tomorrow.


Favourite musicfolklore-album, Taylor Swift
Without You, Leslie Odom Jr.
Vol. 1, Radio Company
evermore-album, Taylor Swift
every song I can find, Freya Ridings
Favourite moviesKingsmen 1 & 2
The Half of It
Lord of the Rings 1, 2, 3
Favourite booksLive and Death
One Family Christmas
All I Want for Christmas
The Little Christmas Shop on Nutcracker Lane

Autumn was a bit of a weird one, because, sure, I had to go back to work… But I also only spent 2 hours actually teaching on campus. Everything else? Online. I feel bad for my students more so than for myself, because for a lot of them? (and by that I mean: a lot of the first years I taught) That was their complete social life (or even the possibility of it) eradicated.

Other than that, I spent entirely too much time listening to Taylor Swift, had Leslie Odom Jr.’s Without You on repeat for about 3 days straight, and discovered (and consequently obsessed over) Radio Company.

We went into a “kind of second lockdown” only a couple of weeks into the academic year, so the walks became a necessity again, as they were (largely) the only way I could actually see my family irl.

What I’m proudest of, though, is that I managed to survive the first semester – I can honestly say that I was kind of terrified I’d just push myself right back over that lever, but so far so good… Sure, the fact that I’m only teaching 50% right now probably has something to do with that… But even so: I made it to and past the day I crashed last year, and so far the burn-out has made no signs of reappearing! Sure, I still tire more easily than I’m used to – and at this point, that might just be something I’ll be dealing with for the rest of my life. But still: I managed to balance work, personal life, friends, and books… And I even managed to do blogmas – completely!

Oh – and I proposed to the bf and he said yes. There’s that.

Anyways – what has your 2020 looked like? Are there any particular highlights or lowlights that have really stood out to you? Be sure to let me know below!


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