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52 Goals March Update

So last month, a certain lack of time kind of forced me to make this update rather a chatty one. Turns out I actually like writing those types of posts – who knew 🙂 Anyways, seeing how as March has officially gone, now, it’s time to see how I’ve been doing – here’s my 52 goals March update!

1. Personal

First things first, I’ve got to be honest with you all here. You know how I’m constantly complaining I just have so much work to do, and I’m so busy all the time? Yeah, well – this month, that was totally, completely and utterly my own fault. Naturally, that also resulted in me not taking one night per two weeks off – I think I got, like, half a night in the past month?
The “something sporty”, on the other hand, I did get sorted – if only because I’ve made it a goal to try and get at least 15km of walking in per week. It results in 3 hours, so that’s something at least, right?
Apart from that, it’s been largely more of the same – pizza yes, sushi no, recipes and tea yes, everything else… Big fat nope. You know, just the usual 🙂 But I will try and get a little dance in tonight!

2. Books

You know, for all that I was complaining I didn’t have enough time to read this month, I did end up getting through quite a few titles. Naturally, that was mainly because like 9 of those were comics, but, you know… No books in French were read this month, but at least all those comics were in Dutch. So that’s one thing scratched of the list!

Actually – it’s two, because I started and also finished all 9 of those books within the same day. What can I say? I really was frustrated with how few books I’d gotten read 🙂

3. School / work

Now, I know that I, like just said it was my own fault this time… However, indirectly, my lack of time can actually also be blamed on school. You see, we had to start a new blog for my Masters in journalism. And, me being me, of course, I decided that – hey, I’ll just post like 3 times a week on that one as well. Along with this blog. And finishing up my teaching internship. And just full-time classes for journalism, as well as all the deadlines that come along with that. Hint: there’s alot of those.

So, yes. The whole school and work-thing? Not my favourite in the world, right now. However, today is the first day of Easter break, so hopefully that means I’ll be able to do a bit of catching up. And that should mean (should being the key-word, naturally) that the last couple of weeks before my journalism internship will be quite a bit more comfortable.

One can only hope, right?

4. Blog

How do I put this nicely? The blog is still running. And at this point? That’s about all I can really hope for. Anything more than that? Worries for me-from-the-future 🙂

And there you have it, that’s the March Update on my 52 goals for this year. What goals did you set yourself at the beginning of the year? Have you been able to keep up with them? Did you make any new ones yet? Be sure to let me know below!


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