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Weekly Lists #219: 2021 Eurovision Favourites

Well, it’s that time of year again – next week, the general craziness that is Eurovision will break loose… And as is, at this point, my habit: I’m here to help you. Or at least – to give you an indication of what songs are absolutely worth your time. You know, in case you don’t want to sit through all 40 of them… You’re welcome!

1. The interesting

There’s a couple of layers of interesting in this year’s entries – for example, Cyprus? Basically three songs in one. Kind of as if the writer couldn’t choose their melody and so just ended up putting all of them in there.

Romania is interesting in a completely different way – this is basically the type of music I listen to a lot. And sure, the music clip may be kind of 2010s, the singer’s vocal quality is really enjoyable to listen to.

2. The summer song

The Netherlands’s singer appears to have taken his style advice from Lewis Hamilton – and again: I mean that in the best possible way. But it does make for quite an interesting effect. The song itself though? Just all types of awesome! Definitely a song I’ll be listening to come summer.

Honestly, I just dare you to listen to this song and not smile at least a little. Another one for my summer-playlist, definitely!

3. The belt

I honestly may just prefer a good male belt to the female counterpart – and Estonia’s entry definitely gets that right. Along with every single possible cliché you could ever be looking for in a videoclip, naturally. Because, well… Naturally.

And if Estonia does it right? Well, then Austria does it perfectly. I also just really like this singer’s voice – he has such a lovely warm pitch to his voice, whether he’s going up or crooning nice and low. I am curious to see how it’ll translate to the live performance, though.

4. The dramatic

Honestly – this is the best possible type of dramatic I could imagine – if nothing else: his voice is just so nice?

Okay, so, sure. The drama is partially (largely?) due to the music video. But even so, the amount of times this singer goes for “the entire universe”? That just says Drama in and of itself, right?

5. The trainwreck

Okay, so, like, I genuinely enjoy this song – but it’s also a case of “I can’t look away what am I even watching”. I mean – the wings, the headband, the over-dramatisation… The utter Eurovision-ness of it all. (and yes – Eurovision-ness is now offically an adjective.)

Anyways, what are your favourite entries to this year’s Eurovision Song Contest? Are you going to be watching? Who are you rooting for? Be sure to let me know below!


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