Recipes #4: Favourite Iced Tea

So it’s finally actually getting warmer here (and yes, even me, the ultimate winter-lover thought it was about time) and that means I’ve been looking for recipes for cold drinks again.

Because, you know, somehow I always grow tired of my “drink of the year” (our month ūüėÄ ), I need new inspiration each year in March – and this year, I found it with Iced Tea!
 This one is actually ridiculously easy Рand yet, so delicious and it allows for so many variations!

Ingredients (makes approximately 0.5l)

1 lime
1 spoonful of honey (or whatever sweetener you prefer!)
your favourite type of tea

– and that’s it!

Before you do anything else, you want to cut up your lime into slices (I usually even half them), layer them on a tray and freeze them РI usually have quite a bit of frozen fruit in my freezer (because I love smoothies, so I need them always, obviously!)

Boil enough water to make one cup of tea, add in the honey (or sweetener) and add 3 times the amount of tea you normally would Рbasically, you want to make this tea incredibly strong!

Take a bottle and first add in the frozen lime and the (very strong) tea. Then, just fill the rest of the bottle up with water, if necessary, place it in the fridge for a bit so it’s nice and cold, and you’re done!

Now, I usually do this with a red or black tea (I especially love it with rosehip or blueberry!).
If you want to, you can switch the fruit to lemons, nectarines, kiwi, or any type of fruit which’ flavor you like.
What I’ve also quite liked doing is first putting some fresh mint or cucumber in with the water I use to fill up the rest of the bottle, and then filter it out before I actually use it – this is especially yummie¬†in combination with a green or citrus tea!

So there you have it, my favourite recipe for iced tea – perfect for the summer, and really easy to make!

What’s your favourite summer drink? Are you looking forward to the warmer temperatures, or are you (like me) more of a winter person? Be sure to let me know below!