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Weekly Lists #147: Favorite Blogposts August 2018

So. Summer’s done. Kinda. Honestly? I’m not really too sure how I feel about it! On the one hand, I’m really glad with all that I got done this summer and I could definitely do with some more of that glorious free time. On the other hand… Well. I need the hot temperatures to go home and sit in a corner to think about what they’ve done. Either way – here’s my favorite blogposts August 2018!

1. The pill

The pill, why I don’t love it but won’t be coming off it any time soon

Just because of relevance. And also because, no matter how you turn it, taking the pill is something of a “dangerous” choice. Unfortunately, so are all alternatives. Ha, the joy of being a girl 🙂

2. Allowing yourself to be terrible

I tried something new and I’m terrible and I love it.

Look, I’m 100% the person that needs to be good at everything she does. Or at the very least, I know I have let myself be held back by my fear of failure. Which basically means I needed to read this.

3. Best instagram tips

Because, honestly, if you’re living in this century? Chances are you have Instagram. And who doesn’t like some extra tips on how to get that right?

4. Being married and “us”

3 Years Into Marriage: “Us”

Oh, what would a post of favorite blogposts be without some Blair Blogs, right? Honestly, though, following along her journey through marriage has been such a learning experience for me. The way she manages to always be so honest, so detailed and bringing across so many emotions? It’s honestly just impressive.

5. Celebrating blogging

Because sometimes, you just need to be able to celebrate what you’ve already accomplished, right?

Those are some of my favorite blogposts from the past month – be sure to let me know below if there’s any others that you loved as well!