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Weekly Lists #134: Favorite Blogposts May 2018

An entire month is gone and blablabla and basically I need someone to tell me how on earth it’s practically summer already? My favorite blogposts May 2018!

1. Feeling burnt out

I don’t know if it’s the fact that it’s the end of the school year. Whether it’s the fact that this has been the second warmest May since people over here started keeping track of that stuff. Or if maybe it’s something totally unrelated.

But either way: I’ve been feeling a bit burnt out. Nothing major, but just the wrong side of not being terribly motivated to do anything anymore. So, you know, … I probably should tell myself these things, right?

2. Healthy(er) Lifestyle

Kickstarting a Healthy Lifestyle

A couple of weeks ago now, one of my colleagues told me she was doing a “cleanse diet” – just about no carbs, loads of green tea… That very same night, I came across this post by Maud. And I don’t know if it felt like a “sign from above”, or just was the right time? But it made me go: “yes, I want to do this too.”

I have a couple of friends that are way into the “healthy eating instagram” – because, yes, apparently that’s a subbranch too. And let me tell you: I’m not going that dramatic. Because, well, me and drastic changes? Usually ends up in me rebelling against myself. Yes, really. But a lot of small changes can go a long way, you know? And so can your grocery money – if you’re buying mainly vegetables 🙂

3. Travel anxiety

Travel Anxiety? Here is How to Deal with It

Here’s a fun fact for you: I’ve been on a plane exactly 4 times in my entire life. Those four times were all going either to or from Greece. And they were all at least 8 years ago. I was fine with going on a plane, at that point. And then I started college, and… Well, anxiety sort of took over.

But now there’s a pretty big chance I’m going to be going to the USA this coming Easter break and it’s making me nervous. Because, you know… Planes. So I’m starting my prep early. And this blogpost just happened to be part of that 🙂

4. Recipes

5 Spring and Summer Recipes We Love

So, with that thingy from number two, the healthy lifestyle? Something that tends to go hand in hand with that, is food. And as it so happens, Blair from BlairBlogs has been doing something of a healthier overhaul herself. And then decided to share some of her favourite recipes with the world! Suffice it to say: I’ve done a couple of these and, well… Delicious comes to mind!

5. Savouring life

Now, remember how I said that me and drastic changes don’t go too well? Well, that sort of links into this. Because at the same time, I can really get stuck on other people who are making those drastic changes. I mean, I have a cousin who just up and left and moved to England with his girlfriend. Because they could. And I want to do that. Or, more exactly: I want to be the kind of person who would do that. It really can get pretty hard to get out of that mind set – of “I wish my life were more interesting. Or “I wish I was the kind of person who did something shareworth”. But, well, you know… Maybe I could also just try to savour the life I do have? And see what kind of fun things I have going on already? It’s worth a shot, right :p

Either way, those are some of my favourite blogposts from this last month! What posts have you been loving? Did you maybe write something pretty amazing? Be sure to leave your links below, so I can go check it out!